1. Death of A Salesman

Launches are funny things, strange events where people are perfectly happy to pile in, an excited frenzy locking them to their chairs, paralysed in front of a huge blue screen for hours, and yet when they walk out, they take nothing with them save for the reminders of having been a successful target of the over-commercialisation of our lives.

It’s waiting for the 5th day of a Lords test match, and being rained off, it’s the complete anti-climatic vision of the 21st century, we will show you exactly what it is that you definitely don’t need, tell you the infinitesimally minute changes we have actually made since the last version, paint it white, and then, when you have finally got to the edge of your seat, ask you to kindly leave the premises until we’ve bothered to pay the workers in our factories enough chocolate milk to get the products onto the shelves of your local ┬ásupermarket.

So, as you reach to add your name to the queue for BBM for Android/iphone, with all the expectancy and long-awaited-ness that it doesn’t deserve, I mean honestly, everyone knows this is but the death throes of a flailing canadian giant, and whatsapp has something like 350 million users versus bbm’s 60, we shall see. I’m guessing, much like the launch of the latest in the a long line of steadfastly boring apple products, BBM is not here to stay.

And this takes me on to the title, Steve Jobs, managed to get everyone so worked up about the beauty and the smooth graphics of his company’s work, that even now, when there’s nothing remotely interesting about the 5s, people are still rushing into the apple stores and with a quick high five to their local “Genius” they part with 4-$600 in a blink of an eye. But surely it can’t last.

I‘m glad to see android and rasberry pi take off so much, that people have started challenging the silicon valley status quo, and whilst twitter and facebook and everyone else will rush toward ads and ipo’s, I’m happy to see Google (though not completely free of moral insecurities) is trying to genuinely innovate. And from my office near Kings Cross, I can see their lovely new building taking shape.—um what else..ah yes.-

“Do not unto others what you wish not to yourself” – this quote from Hillel, really defines the way people should live, if you are ever in a situation where you come into conflict with someone, the best thing is to try and have an out of body experience, try to float above your natural arrogance and egocentricities, and see things outside of yourself.

Anyway, this has been a nice first venture into the grown up world of blogging, I guess your average frum 20 year old from Golders Green doesn’t usually do this kind of thing, up til’ now I have really just been moaning at my parents and friends. Hope I have made sense.

The Good Word for the Week-“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” -Bertrand Russell

good shabbos. be well

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