Decertifying the Iran deal

There is much controversy when it comes what to do about the Iran deal.There are two sides of the argument. There are those who oppose the deal, and those who are pro the deal. President Trump opposes the deal while Iran opposes the President’s opinion. There are many reasons why the President is the deal and why people want to keep the deal.

There are multiple reasons why President Trump wants to get rid of the deal. The first one is the Iran regime got an immediate financial boost and its government can use over $100 billion dollars to fund terrorism. Another reason is that the United States paid all of the money up front instead of at the end of the deal, which they should have waited to make sure that Iran played by the rules. The last reason Trump opposes the deal is because the deal allows Iran to continue developing certain elements of its nuclear program. This means, in a few years I ran can rush towards a rapid nuclear weapons breakout. All of these are reasons why the United States should get rid of the 2015 Iran deal.

There are various reason why so many people want to keep the deal the way it is with Iran and not change it. The first reason is because “there will be fresh damage to the credibility of the United States among the world’s nations, only partially restored by the Obama administration’s diplomacy after the debacle of the Iraq war. The word of the U.S. government is worthless. The stain left by Trump on our reputation will carry costs to us and our children that we cannot begin to imagine”.The second one is that if the deal is decertified, Iran may start a war. This would be a problem because of Iran’s competent and heavily armed military force. If there were to be any conflict like this, it would threaten to increase rapidly into a regional conflict with tons of deaths and would destroy the world economy and environment.The last one is even if Iran doesn’t start war immediately if Trump abandons the nuclear deal, this will encourage other states to build nuclear arsenals. They will also distrust any diplomatic effort to limit those weapons. These are just some of the reasons to keep the deal the way it is and not decertify it.

In my opinion, I think that the President should get rid of the Iran deal. This is because I think that we need to think ahead. For example, if we keep the deal and just let Iran continue to build nuclear weapons, we will pay for it in the future. This can be a major threat to Israel because if we don’t stop Iran now when Israel is more powerful and Iran doesn’t have a nuclear bomb yet, we probably won’t have a better chance at defending Israel in the future. Also, we can actually continue to have Israel as part of the Jewish people’s land in the future so Iran doesn’t blow it up if we act now. All in all, I think that it is in the best interest of Israel that the Iran deal should be gotten rid of.

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