Decision time

Liberman: Kerry proposals are the best Israel could hope for | The Times of Israel

Can’t say that I see too many prospects for fruitful negotiation in these remarks. Especially so if this might be a suspiciously watered-down version of the Israeli FM’s real feelings on the subject.

But, these days, so many politician’s have to choose their words extra carefully, wider audiences and local circumstances dictating a far more nuanced approach to their speech.

The wonder of it all is that any substantive discussions can ever take place without them rapidly fracturing along lines of vested interests and set ideologies. If only politicians could somehow become more distanced from certain decision-making processes, then some very beneficial outcomes might not need decades to pass before arriving upon the scene.

Sometimes it’s best to hurry things along rather than let them fester and fret in some no-man’s land of indecision and inaction.

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