Defending Gaza Border with Unarmed Volunteers

Many nations and individuals have denounced Israel for using deadly force against “unarmed” protesters at the border fence separating Gaza from Israel. Israel has also been accused of using disproportionate force. Israel has replied that it must act to defend its sovereignty against assaults on its border..

The Gaza fence consists of two parallel barriers built by Israel. The first is a barbed-wire fence within Gaza. The second is a 10-foot-high metal electrified fence packed with surveillance sensors along the Israeli demarcation line. Between both barriers is a restricted buffer zone as wide as 300 yards.

Why doesn’t Israel invite Muslim nations to send unarmed volunteers to Gaza to occupy the buffer zone in order to serve as defenders of Israel’s border during all future “mostly” peaceful March of Return demonstrations scheduled by Hamas. These unarmed volunteers will rely exclusively on non-lethal, proportionate force to prevent surging crowds of “mostly” nonviolent residents of Gaza from breaching the barbed-wire fence inside Gaza. In the unlikely event that the barbed-wire fence is breached, Israeli military forces stationed behind the electrified fence on the Israeli side may have to respond by firing live ammunition.

Since the goal of these Muslim nations is to teach Israel how to defend its border without resorting to lethal force, these nations will be expected to gladly pay the full costs of recruiting, transporting, housing, feeding, equipping, and training the volunteers who will defend Israel’s border with Gaza.


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Ted Sheskin is an emeritus professor of industrial engineering and the author of a textbook, Markov Chains and Decision Processes for Engineers and Managers. He has published peer-reviewed papers on engineering systems and mathematical algorithms. His letters to editors addressing politics, economic policy, and issues facing Israel and American Jews have appeared in the NY Times, Daily News, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland Jewish News, Jewish Week, and Jewish Voice.
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