Fred Saberi

Democrat Chuck Schumer tries to ‘school’ Israel

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY, speaks to reporters at the Capitol in Washington, March 12, 2024. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Senate Democrats Majority leader Chuck Schumer’s sloppy comments condemning the only democratic country in the Middle East region, are overtures to Hamas, to deflect public opinion away from the Biden administration’s failed policies.

Chuck Schumer should direct his criticism to his party. For one, why have the US and its allies failed to get the Houthi terrorists supported by the Islamic Republic in the Red Sea under control? Rather than dealing with them decisively, they grovel for deals, negotiations, and ransom payments where the Khomeinist regime (and its proxies) is concerned. However, when it comes to the democratically elected government of Israel, which stands alone against the same Islamic terrorism, it’s open season?

The unprecedented political, economic and social chaos that has prevailed in the United States, due to the misguided actions of the Democrat president, has turned America into an anarchist arena, and worse, created such a divide that it has led the US to experience one of the weakest periods in its history.

The outrageous and destructive policies of the Democratic party have even turned the White House into a mosque, and at this rate, we should expect the Biden admin to add a minaret to the White House in order to win the votes of Hamas and Palestinian supporter in the November election.

At the same time, the same disastrous policy was also exported to friendly and allied countries, including in Europe, while the people of Europe also suffer from the White House’s ill-advised policies.

In his position as the President of the US Senate, Schumer has challenged Israel’s defense system either intentionally or out of ignorance. This approach is the continuation of Joe Biden’s foreign policy of appeasement with the Mullahs. And these days by extending the exemptions and allowing them access to vast financial resources, the Biden administration has actually paved the way for the financing of terrorism.

Any government in power in Israel (left, right or center) will not allow terrorists to settle near its borders, therefore, such statements, even after the practical and all-round actions of the Israeli government against Hamas terrorists, are positions repeated by those who are anti-Israel. 

Chuck Schumer knows better than any politician; At this point, the issue is no longer the election, but the “existence of Israel” is at stake, the issue is no longer to the benefit of any one person, group, party, or private company!

The disastrous policy of 1979 in the Middle East cannot be implemented again and the Democratic Party must have come to that realization by now. The Islamic regime in Iran is the result of the policies of Chuck Schumer’s party, which turned the Middle East into a haven for Islamic terrorism. This was the policy of the American government at the time, which not only threatened the existence of Israel, but also made the entire region and beyond critical, to the point where some neighboring areas were handed over to terrorists. In the last 45 years, not a single country has been safe from terrorism.

CENTCOM commander General Michael Kurilla recently warned the US Senate Armed Services Committee, “Today, the central region faces its most volatile security situation in the past half century. This is not the same central region as last year.” Chuck Schumer’s useless and out-of-order interference in Israel’s internal affairs suggests the fact that the Israeli government, like the Biden government, should negotiates with terrorists and pays them ransom and finally gives credit to criminals against the existence and security of the Israeli people. The devouring of the Middle East is complete with the ‘absorption’ of the region’s only democracy, but the reality is that politics in the Middle East, and especially the issue of Israel, goes far beyond the views of Chuck Schumer. In fact, the security and interests of the people and the government of Israel are different from the politics and party competition in America; Jerusalem is not used to paying ransom to mullahs and terrorists.

The way out of the disaster of Islamic terrorism is not elections in Israel or the support and encouragement of Islamists in the White House. The problem will not be solved by launching demonstrations by supporters of terrorism with anti-Semitic slogans in New York, Paris and London. The only way to get rid of this outrage is the practical confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s international terror machine and cutting off all existing support.

Supporting the people of Iran, whose country was occupied by the Islamic regime 45 long years ago with the terrible policy of Chuck Schumer’s party, is the easiest and cheapest option for Western governments. Basically, it is simply not up to him; in fact, his actions offer nothing but comfort to the terrorist camp.

Finally, instead of playing in the field of terrorism, Chuck Schumer and his party should be spending their time revising their sloppy policies, as the Biden administration stumbles into election season. 

His and his ilk’s views can only be explained in two ways: either one should really support the people who have been harmed by terrorism, such as the people and the government of Israel and the people of Iran who stand against the terrorists and pay the price; or, like Western governments, atop of which is the United States, where such policies turn America and Europe into a refuge for Islamic terrorism, which is a tool in the hands of China and Russia to bring the security of the West to its knees!

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.