Democrats try their hand at Islam therapy

Last week, Mr. Biden highlighted a number of important and surprising issues in his campaign. He unveiled a new Democratic platform for Muslims in the November election. Biden believes that Islam should be taught in schools. Mr. Biden also said that if he wins, his country will return to a nuclear deal (JCPOA) with the leaders of the Islamic regime in Iran.

Mr. Biden has recently been heard mouthing Sanders’ words and thoughts. His idea was a showcase of Sanders’ ideas, which he surreptitiously conveyed to the mullahs in Iran. The message in a nutshell was “wait, till after I win the election; we will come to your aid with a new injection of Vitamin C.” In fact, this has been Tehran’s consummate strategy since Donald Trump came to power.

The people of Iran, whose country was hijacked by a Shiite Islamist mafia for close to 42 years, have turned away from Islam in droves. Even the most pious of believers, members of the regime itself and their children now openly admit to the failure of the concept and call for the end to this four plus decades of chaos. But in the 21st century, Mr. Biden, who believes in teaching Islam in schools, seeks to create an Islamic revolution in the United States and Europe, while Europe grapples with the problem uncontrollable Islamism in its own midst.

On the other hand, the biggest election show of the Democrats led by Biden, displays clear and systematic racism; and not only remains deafeningly silent in the face of the violent BLM street insurgents, but apparently supports them as well.

The important question is, why did Mr. Biden who was a senator (1972 to 2009), and then Barack Obama’s VP, never even propose those ideas during all those decades? Today he has resorted to his election propaganda against Trump and highlights it.

The question is: how, under the rule of law, does one fight racism, with BLM and Antifa setting fire to people’s property, trash streets and public venues, tear down historical-cultural statues, burning flags, and so on.

The left-wing media, both in the U.S. and Europe call these groups anti-racist, encourages and glorifies them while fueling more violence.

Left-wing Islamist propaganda has entered most European countries and ceased opportunity by installing large numbers of the anti-Semitic Khomeinist and Muslim-Brotherhood followers in these countries. They are members and militias of the same insurgent groups, whose anti-American-Israeli activities are known throughout the globe. Do these media outlets not really know, street anarchy can spread to all countries and turn into international chaos, causing insecurity and disregard for their laws?

The Islamic regime in Iran and its US and Europe based comrades are devoted to Sanders. So now we must look for motive; where is the connection between the Khomeinists, all the way from the Carter era to Sanders and Biden, and what do they hope to achieve through these collaborations?

After the Obama administration took office, the political arena paved the way for Sanders, where he began to recruit supporters. One of those supporters ended up becoming the the Khomeinist regime and its own allies.

Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American, and Rashid Talib, a Palestinian-American, both Democrats, are supporters of the so-called “BDS” sanctions. At the heart of their conversation is that chaos can occur, to dominate politics and bring down the central government with anarchy; naturally, these regressive notions have been supported and encouraged by Tehran’s leaders.

Finally, three months before the US election, the Democratic Party has not yet elected a running mate for Mr Biden, and they say that a value-oriented president can be ousted from the White House through anarchy.

What is clear is that the Islamic Republic of Iran has high hopes for Biden and the efforts of the left-Islamists to breathe new life into his election. But the mullahs must not forget one point and that is that Mr. Biden is not going to wake up. So will the lifespan of the decaying supreme leader, Khamenei and his bankrupt rule in Iran last until the next US election?

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.