Zahava Bauer

Desperate for light

Was it just last year
When Chanukah
Was filled with light…?

Reflecting the story
Of a nation’s
heritage ravaged,
then salvaged
The golden glow
a lasting promise
That we would outlast
The enemies we’re cast

But I’m sitting
For this unyielding
promise was
When this year’s
8 days
Were stuck
On the 7th

When were the
Blessed flames
Doused, drowned
In the oil of the turmoil
While we recoiled
From the rising toll

When were the
Latkes charred
Donuts marred
Stoked on a
Stove of
Ancient anger

Where were the presents?
When we were wrapped up
In darkness
Hands tied up
In bows of distress,

Where was our miracle?
Am I being cynical?
But it became unbearable
To sit waiting for a hope
Believed, seemed imaginable
The lights chided
A nation slighted
Daring to believe?
It was truly unendurable

Am I caught in naïveté?
Can it still be true?
That we can hope for
To still shine
To cure a nation
From its cries
I want to believe
We can still ignite
With the light
From 8 nights

But, for now, the
dreidels keep


But determined
To tip
And land
For the land
We hold dear
Since The Miracle
Happened Here

About the Author
Zahava Bauer grew up in Teaneck, NJ and now lives in Bala Cynwyd, PA with her husband and three children. She is a middle school Language Arts teacher in Caskey Torah Academy who loves to write poetry in her spare time. She also enjoys snow days, hiking, and a day at the beach. Her Bachelor’s degrees are from Stern in Jewish Education and English Literature, and her Master’s degrees are from Azrieli and GPATS. She hopes for nothing more than peace in the Middle East and achdut among Am Yisrael!
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