Affirmative action

Kerry pushes Abbas to make ‘tough decisions’ in talks | The Times of Israel 

The situation has ever been such that these peace negotiations invariably end with a ‘no’ response rather than a ‘yes’ one. And it’s quite understandable why this should be so.

Any affirmation or acquiescence made towards proposals suggested by the ‘other’ (or even friends of the ‘other’) can only bring about grief to those on the opposite side of the fence. This is because the apparent embrace of such suggestions must always appear detrimental to at least one of the parties concerned. Hence the lack of any real movement in the matter over the span of 66 years and more.

And yet, somehow, progress of some sort has to be made. And it has also to be seen making clear and significant headway against a veritable sea of obstacles, pitfalls and mindsets closed to fresh ideas and concepts more relevant to this modern age in which we all now live.

Suddenly, it’s no longer the Israelis or the Palestinians who are being called upon to make the ‘tough decisions’ here. Everyone else is as well. And, on closer inspection, those ‘decisions’ don’t look anywhere near as ‘tough’ as they were made out to be. In fact, almost anyone worldwide would be quite capable of taking part in them and thereby providing a resounding ‘yes’ in spite of every argument, reservation and objection opposed to such affirmative action.



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