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Did Netanyahu really say this?

Sometimes, we read in the news stuff that is hard to picture. And I don’t mean lies from anti-Zionist outlets. Their hatred is well-known.

But who could imagine that the Israeli PM would have said: “If you’re a powerful nation you can occupy and no one will care”? Well, it’s reported like that by a reliable news source. It could still be an honest mistake. (A respectable newspaper brings similar sentences but this is meaningless as it seems a rip-off from the above report. A later report clarifies that this concerns said leaks from a closed-door meeting.)

Let’s unpack what’s allegedly said here.

The Times of Israel reports that Army Radio quoted Netanyahu as saying:

“Power is the most important thing in foreign policy. Strength changes everything and it changes our policy vis-a-vis countries in the Arab world. “[The accusation of] [o]ccupation is nonsense. There are powerful states that have occupied and transferred populations, and no one talks about them.”

A reporter had some choice comments on that:

[He’s]scoffing at [the] international characterization of Israel’s [alleged] control over the Palestinians. [He’s] suggesting that the more powerful Israel gets, the less the world will care about its treatment of the Palestinians. [That] strong countries are able to occupy other nations without repercussions.

I have a few questions about the above:

Is he supposed to have been saying that we are mistreating the Arab Palestinians but that no one will object once we get strong enough? Really? Even if we’d commit a war crime (transferring civilians from occupied territory)?

And since when does he hold that we’re mistreating them?

And since when does might make right?

And is he saying that we actually occupy the West Bank instead of having liberated it from Jordanian occupation? Bibi?

If not, why is he comparing Israel with occupiers?

And that we should transfer the Arabs from the West Bank?

Such nonsense. And such bad hasbara! I can’t believe it. It sounds like a Haaretz “analysis.” There’s no actual tape, is there? As one of my rabbis uses to joke: 90% of the news is lied and the rest is a misunderstanding.

An anonymous leaker made it up or misconstrued it or Michael Hauser Tov, supposedly from Army Radio, did on twitter, now quoted all over.


Slightly unbelievable is the report that Netanyahu wants to make it easier for military courts to sentence terrorists to death. I’ve blogged extensively on what pleads against capital punishment.

However, all pieces fell into place with the news that this is just electioneering. That explains a lot.


Netanyahu now declares that Trump’s (incomplete) economic blockade of Iran is also a result of his efforts. This seems a bit inflated but not beyond belief. He couldn’t convince Obama, the Senate, Europe or the UN, he didn’t elect Trump and it’s obvious that Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism also without him harping on that. But if I were in his place, I would have claimed it as my success too. Politics.

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