Dieudonné: Enough is enough! Let’s weed out hate and sow seeds of peace.

Rabbi Capers Funneye(Image by Marc Daniels)
Rabbi Capers Funneye (Image by Marc Daniels)

Like driving on the Autobahn, or carousing on the Reeperbahn, there is seduction in experiencing what is otherwise forbidden.  Dieudonne understands this not so hidden marketing potential and this why he is always trying to push the envelope. His quenelle inverted Nazi salute, is deeply rooted in anti-Semitism and the Nazi culture of the times.

There is nothing wrong with the German kindergarten pedagogy, which was invented to purify young souls and garden their spirits by exposing them to gardening at the earliest ages. There is everything wrong with glorifying a culture that murdered over six million Jews and other minorities for purifying a master race. Make no mistake about it, racism and anti-Semitism and both are rooted in hatred. These kinds of deeply rooted problems require even deeper rooted solutions.

The “Weed Out Hate” Initiative is a spiritual guerilla gardening campaign that challenges today’s children to participate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream, through the symbolic action of rooting out weeds. Dieudonné, your quenelle salute only galvanizes the resolve of kids and public figures all around the world to tug on and weed out hate together. The concept inspired the U.S. Embassy’s sunflower planting tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

On August 28th, 2012, African American Rabbi Capers Funneye and I led  rally with 100 students at the Marquette School of Excellence in Chicago, IL. He is also a first cousin, once removed of First Lady Michelle Obama.  Rabbi Funneye is the congregation leader  of Beth Shalom, located just a few block, where Dr. King marched for fair housing in 1966.

Michael Jackson double Daimyo Jackson, joined our campaign a few years ago and produced our  campaign song:  “Weed Out Hate; Sow Seeds of Peace”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16SXptOQT2Y

The time has come to tap into the power of to change our hearts and souls.  Let’s weed out hate and sow he seeds of peace…. To much violence, too much mobbing too much killing… Enough is enough! Let’s weed out hate and sow seeds of peace…

Fighting anti-Semitism and racism must literally be addressed at the grass roots level. It taps into the deepest roots of the Tu B’Shevat holiday and can be taught by parents, rabbis, and school educators. This is a holiday of miracles, in which any inner weed can be transformed into a nurturing spiritual tree.

About the Author
As the eldest grandson of Ross Daniels, the inventor of a horticultural irrigation tool for deep watering and feeding at the deepest roots, Marc spent the first half of his career learning about global gardening and gardener's trends. Ten years ago, he began thinking about how to take his grandfather's vision to the next level, for inspiring humanity to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace through spiritual gardening.