Discovery of 2015: India Is Intolerant Nation

As, after so much of melodrama and outcry of all India’s so called celebrities, eminent persons, scholars, litterateurs, scientists and elite and privileged class and of course the media, it has been finally discovered that India has become religious intolerant country under Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Government, for being secular for 68 years after independence.

Well, there is nothing to argue against such intellectual personalities as all the knowledge we have now are just given by them, undoubtedly, before that there were no knowledge in India.

Nevertheless, here are some facts from in and around the world’s most developed and tolerant countries showing the religious intolerance against the minority communities (especially Muslims) followed by its co-relation in Indian context, that I want them to perceive.

USA: First of all, it’s will be justified if we talk about the United States of America, the world’s oldest democracy, most diverse in terms of ethnicity and religion. As an aftermath of 9/11 attacks in the heart of USA, more than 1200 Muslims of different nationalities were arrested and sent to rigorous American detention centers for inhumane tortures. Besides, more than 1500 hate crimes were reported against Muslim communities in USA in 2001 alone.

In New York, in an another instance of religious intolerant, in December 2012, an Indian immigrant Sunando Sen was pushed by an American onto subway tracks and was killed by train.

Indian Context: However, India’s 26/11 attacks in its financial capital Mumbai or terrorist attacks on Parliament of Indian in its Heart New Delhi, didn’t send any impulses of quarantine of any particular community.

China: In Peoples Republic of China Muslims have been banned for fasting during month of Ramadan for members of Communist party members in Xinjiang province. In Xinjiang province they are banned for wearing headscarf (Hijab/Burqa) in public. Moreover, Muslims are banned for having their traditional beards, headwear and clothing in City of Karamay.

Indian Context: Whether it is Ramadan, Eid or any festival, the minority community have never been stopped to perform their rituals and traditions by previous and current BJP Government and majority community.

Israel: 17% of population of Jewish country belongs to Muslim community (mostly from Arab) does not have equal accesses to education, land and jobs in Government. 50 % Muslim population is living in poverty line while same for majority is only 15%. They receive only 5% of government development funding. Out of 70,000 employees in Hi-Tech companies only 300 are from minority community.

Indian Context: Indian minority community has been given numerous privileges and reservation in education, employment, jobs, skill development, pilgrimage and any other service provided by Government which is much more than any country in the world.

Kuwait: An Indian Muslim was killed just for drinking soft drink during month of Ramadan.

Indian Context: Indian Muslims are always free to follow or not follow their religious rituals.

Qatar: Qatar women basketball team was disallowed to participate in competition during 2014 Asian Games in South Korea for wearing Headscarf (Hijab). As per International basketball Federations rules (FIBA) any kind of headscarf, hair accessory and jewelry is prohibited during game.

Indian Context: Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza was criticized by Indian Muslim community for wearing shorts during matches.

France: After the incidence of Charlie Hebdo in which 12 peoples were killed by terrorists in January 2015 for depicting cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, there were 21 incidents of shooting and grenade throwing on Islamic buildings and 33 cases of insults and threats in Paris, France reported. A Muslim prayer hall was also fired in Paris by majority communities.

Indian Context: Even after Mumbai 21/11 or Parliament attacks no such incident of targeting the Muslim or any community were reported.

India is Indeed Intolerant

In Northeastern states of India many incidents of killing and converting Hindus to Christianity forcefully by Christian terrorists and separatist groups have been reported for many years.

In Nagaland, the Hindus, India’s majority community has not been allowed to celebrate Durga Puja and other religious festivals due to the suppression and killing by Christian terrorist groups.

In Tripura, the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) is known for attacking many Hindu priests and temples and forcefully converting them to Christianity.

In Assam many Hindus were harassed and converted to Christianity by Christian Hamr ethnic group forcefully.

“Now, India’s largest minority community must decide themselves whether India is Intolerant or not.”

About the Author
Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, I am a journalist, writer and blogger, worked for leading newspapers and news channels including The Hitavada, DD News in India for many years.