Do Chickens Have Lips?

Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines “chickenshit” thusly- lacking courage, manliness, or effectiveness. It was this vulgar epithet that was directed at my prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, by no less a personage as the current resident of the White House, Barak Hussein Obama.

Of course the pundits and journalists referred to the scurrilous rogue who uttered this obscene remark to a “high senior official” in the Obama’s administration. But nevertheless, one can easily aver that whomever said this about Mr Netanyahu, did so with the express, well, perhaps demure, authority of his, or her, boss. Inevitably, the responsibility for this derogatory statement lies at the desk of the man in charge.

Oh, the apologists and the naysayers are crawling out from under the tables and promptly offering denials and condemnations for this outrage, but remember it is the same Commander-in Chief who vociferously agreed with the former French president’s remark that the Israeli leader was a “liar.” In fact, Obama complained that he has to “deal with him (Netanyahu) all the time.” Just as the contempt he showed when he went off to dinner leaving the head of government of a sovereign state waiting in the lobby like an annoying delivery man.

It is beyond the realm of understanding how Mr Obama could allude to the prime minister as “lacking courage.” Bibi served in one of the most professional units of the Israel Defense Forces, the Sayeret Matkal, and was wounded in action against the Arab savages who hijacked a Sabena airline jet and forced its landing at Ben Gurion airport.  The prime minister, along with other members of his unit assaulted the terrorists aboard the aircraft in vicious close up combat and was wounded in the action.

When did the American president serve in uniform? When did he engage in battle against the enemies of his nation? What rank did he achieve in the military? Even a private in the United States Marine Corps has more combat experience than the current inhabitant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! How dare this former pot smoking student deride a man who has shed his blood and risked his life for his nation and people! What courage has Mr Obama displayed, or has he spent more time struggling with a golf club than shouldering a weapon in defense of the country he leads?

What qualities of manliness has Barak Hussein Obama ever demonstrated? Accusing his political rivals of fighting his agenda does not demonstrate his prowess-it merely turns him into an advocate for his own political strategy.. Furthermore, a leader of the most powerful nation on Earth does not make empty threats and back down on the promise of swift, military intervention. His failing to carry out the promise the bomb Assad’s Syrian forces when they openly employed chemical weapons demonstrated that his “manliness” is akin to a kid making threats to show up after school to beat up another pupil, making that pupil quake in fear, and then the threat is  never carried out-does one really expect that pupil to ever be afraid of the threats of the kid again? No wonder that the Arab world fears and respects the “man” in the White House about as much as they fear a sand flea.

Yet, when the prime minister of Israel does his duty to defend his nation, he is defamed and vilified by the “man” in the White House and his lackeys. There is nothing as disgusting as a coward who uses Monday morning quarterbacking, and the generalship of the easy chair, to insult a real man who steps up on to the field and does his job regardless of criticism and complaint. Because that man knows what must be done and damn the consequences. Manliness means standing for something when those around you stand for nothing. when your critics have never tasted the sting of battle nor ever witnessed a shot fired in anger. When the only blood they have shed comes from a paper cut.

The only effectiveness demonstrated  in the “leadership” of Barak Hussein Obama has been his success in destroying the trust its allies once depended upon and the fear its awesome power instilled in its foes.. He has made it possible for the most evil force in the Middle East, Islamist terror, to arise and declare itself openly for the destruction of all Western values and worse, it has even boasted of its intentions to “raise the black flag of the Caliphate over the White House.”

Its adherents have beheaded American citizens without fear of retaliation. It slaughters men, women and children, Moslems and Christians, and calls for the liquidation of the State of Israel. Its henchmen in America decapitate and murder US citizens on American soil and Barak Hussein Obama calls this “workplace violence.” He deigns to call it by its right name.

Sure, he has been effective. So effective that he appears to be ashamed to even use his own given middle name.

Binyamin Netanyahu has never shirked from defending the citizens of Israel, either during his IDF service, or in his role as head of government. Of course, there are those who will disagree with his methods, his agenda and even his governance. But no one can deny his courage, his manliness nor his effectiveness as a true national leader. He is quite the opposite of the vulgar term that has been applied to him by the American president either by his permission or omission.

Barak Hussein Obama is the personification of the epithet directed at prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu  and he is dragging his nation in that direction.

About the Author
Irwin was born in New York City and is now retired. He lives in Maaleh Adumim since making aliyah 7 years ago.