Do the Jews have a death wish?

In light of the recent murder of Hallel Yaffa Ariel; it leads one must ponder whether or not Israel, and the Jews in general have some sort of subconscious death wish. This attack should surely come as no surprise to the Jews of Israel and the Diaspora, as it just the latest in the year-long stabbing and car ramming spree that we have all seen in Israel. Sadly this attack will not be last, so long as the Israeli Government remains complacent in the face of terrorism; choosing appeasement over the lives of Jews.

This suicidal discourse that has continued in Israel since 1948, begs the question of what innate sickness plagues the Jewish people so that time and again the choice is always passivity and a greater concern for the enemy rather than their own people. The Altalena, the Oslo Accords, the creation of the Palestinian Authority, Gush Katif, Amona, and the list goes on, and will continue to go on until Israel gets leadership that is not afraid to stand up to world and declare all of Israel as rightfully Jewish.

Jewish blood will continue to be shed until not only the Israeli government, but all of the Jews of Israel unite in riding the land of the dark and violent forces that seek to drive us into the sea. It is clear that the ideals of compromise and appeasement do not work; history has shown this over and over again. No other country would accept this kind of violence, and Israel should not either. The Left-Wing Israeli government must change its policies in order to protect Jews, to stop acting like a guest in our own land.

We have been in this land for 4,000 years, and we will continue to be here until the end of time. Let’s start by living, rather than trying to survive. Haven’t we as Jews had enough? We have never had a country that is safe and that can be called home, and now we have one that is not safe, and that although we have the historic, national, and cultural rights to call it home, the Israeli government and the Left (Left-Wing Jews in particular) say differently! A country where its citizens are disarmed, soldiers are afraid of being prosecuted if they shoot a terrorist, and Jewish homes on Jewish land are demolished in order to appease the enemy — THIS IS NOT A COUNTRY THAT JEWS CAN OR SHOULD STAND TO LIVE IN!

Is the “Shtetl Effect” so deeply ingrained in the mind of most Jews that they are too afraid to fight for their rights and what is rightfully theirs? Are the Jews of America (who continue to vote Democrat, actively work to disarm law abiding citizens, and genuinely believe that appeasement is the best tactic) mentally sick? It is no surprise that the voting demographic among American Jews is finally beginning to shift, but the numbers are still small and the majority of American Jews continue to associate with the Left!

If such a fearful and suicidal way of thinking continues to dictate how we as Jews live, than we not only will see the end of Israel, but the end of a safe and prosperous life (where it still exists) for Jews around the world.

About the Author
Jeremy Neiderhoff is a well-educated, right-leaning Libertarian who strongly believes in small government., states' rights, a sound foreign policy, and absolute full support for the State of Israel.
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