Do Yeshivas Teach About Being A Sore Loser? Haredim Stop the Boycott

Now that a coalition is coming together as was predicted on these pages a few weeks ago, there’s vile talk from the Haredi world claiming there is a boycott against the Haredim.  Its backwards, twisted and wrong, when in reality the Haredim are the ones conducting a boycott. As Rabbi Haim Druckman, the longtime leader of B’nei Akiva said today indeed, haredim have a “a total boycott, all of the time.”

The haredim refuse to take part in joining the army, paying taxes, working and integrating into Israeli society. They live in their own world, recognize their own rules and laws and boycott the rest of Israel. (As an aside, are there no classes in these yeshivas about being a “sore loser”?)

To call Rabbis Shai Piron and Dov Lipman of Yesh Atid “haters and enemies of the Jewish people”?  The many convicted criminals of Shas in the Knesset are arbiters on what’s good for Am Israel? Shas officials claimed the Jewish Home party is “…not a home for Jews; it is a home of goyim,” and “They are all wicked, haters of Torah and mitzvot.” The grand rabbi of the Slonim Hasidic movement said, “The Evil Spirit has taken over Bennett.”

Powerful words which can’t be taken back – and would never have been said if these “religious” people were in the government. They’d have sat and been best friends with Bennett and Lapid. The members of Jewish Home are largely people who are religiously observant – people who keep mitzvot, study Torah and live lives as G-d fearing people. Unlike the haredim, they are part of the State of Israel and the Jewish people and are indeed religious.  The boycotting haredim who seek office to help their own community, while the members of the national religious community speak of affordable housing, Jewish values and tradition, and a marriage process which doesn’t alienate huge parts of the Jewish nation.

From a Public Relations perspective, the “religious” throne is wrongly “owned” by haredi political parties.  Their religion is money, while the religious of the Jewish Home party, and the many traditional religious people in Likud and other parties are much more representative of authentic religious Jews than haredim.

Having worked for many politicians through the years, I’d predict that these recent elections and the conduct of the Haredi parties the last few weeks will cost the Haredim for many years – because indeed many traditional and authentically religious Jews will never ever again consider voting for these people.

There is nowhere in the Holy Torah that can justify the recent awful behavior of the Haredi political parties.  Thanfully, in short order they will have plenty of time while at work and in the army to think about how to repent.



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