Does anyone think Obama’s doing a good job?

When Obama was elected many people understood that it was going to be impossible for him to fulfil the hopes and dreams that everyone had pinned on him. But I didn’t think that the guy was going to turn out to be such an incredible disappointment.

Time after time Obama has talked the talk only to fail to walk the walk. This has emboldened the enemies of democracy all around the world. As Ukraine sinks deeper into crisis and ISIS continues to rampage through the Middle East the President of the United States has done nothing to ensure some kind of stability.

He lost any influence he might have had over Egypt by announcing a reduction in aid to Egypt the moment Sisi overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood government that the United States, for some reason, had backed. Instead of distancing himself with the Brotherhood in order to regain some footing with Egypt and Israel at a critical moment, Obama signs an $11 billion weapons deal with Qatar. The tiny Gulf state that openly supports the Brotherhood. He does this while Israel are fighting the Palestinian chapter of the Brotherhood, Hamas.

At the same time the USA proceeded to throw Israel under the bus by informing Hamas that they will move Israel towards accepting many of their ceasefire demands. In Ukraine the absence of a guiding hand from the USA has emboldened Russia and ISIS are currently rampaging through Syria and Iraq with American weaponry that they’ve looted from the incompetents in Iraq to whom Obama entrusted the management of the country. Hundreds of thousands will die here in the Middle East because of his insistence on withdrawing from the mess that the USA started in the first place.

This leaves me wondering. Is there anyone at all, in Israel or elsewhere who actually thinks Obama is doing a good job with regards to foreign policy?

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada