Does getting one story about your startup really matter?

A security startup from Israel posted a question about having the opportunity to get a story published in TechCrunch

He asked what the pros and cons were.

Photo by me. Shot on location in Mexico City.
Photo by me. Shot on location in Mexico City.

My response:

1. Why is getting coverage important to you?

2. Are you timing this arounds RSA? (a major security show)

3. Why is TechCruch so important?

4. Are you reaching out to SEC Magazine, CSO, Computerworld, eWeek, and others who cover security? What about industry analysts like Gartner?

5. Is going “public” with an announcement going to move the needle — or just make you feel good about seeing your name in a publication?

6. Even if you are Y Combinator, should you stay in stealth as much as possible?

7. You mentioned coverage, but you did not say what “type” of coverage…. funding? major customer? big tech breakthrough? some type of profile?

8. Never forget — news and information is disposable. Who is going to care 12 hours after the story?

9. Your TechCrunch story opportunity sound great. What are you doing to sustain the flow of news?

If you ask the right questions, the better answer may arise.

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Alan Weinkrantz is a Tech PR / Startup Communications advisor to Israeli and U.S. companies, and is the Brand Ambassador and Senior Advisor for James Brehm & Associates, one of the leading IoT (Internet of Things) strategy and consulting firms.
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