Does he think we are idiots

Canadian-born Jewish American actor, Seth Rogen announces on some podcast, “I was fed a ‘huge’ amount of lies about Israel.

I read on with great interest, thinking,¬† “How many lies equal a ‘huge’ amount?”

Seth gives one example.

Now, I think this schmendrick is doing his piss-off Jews schtick.

Seth says, “When I was younger, I wasn’t told that Palestinians lived on the land that became the Jewish state.”

Does schmecklepunim think we are frigging idiots.

He throws crap in the direction of the wind hoping it ends up in our mouths..

“Well, when I was younger, I wasn’t told that some Canadian-born Jewish American actors/comedians/writers/directors were idiots.

But intuitively I kinda knew it.

I did sense that they talked a lot of crap, made up a bunch of funny jokes, smoked a lot of dope—okay a ‘huge’ amount of weed and expected other people to eat their crap without critically thinking of the words that flowed like sewage out of their mouths.

Jokes are always funnier if you don’t think.

But have I now lost a ‘huge’ amount of respect in the Canadian educational system for having failed to teach Seth the history of the Middle East.

For failing to teach him how to use Google or Wikipedia or go to a library.

For failing to teach him how to think on his own.

For failing to teach him to understand that words have consequences.

For failing to teach him that not all people are idiots.

No, I have not.

Why because I know this mamsur is  a huge BSer.

Seth makes crap up.

I can hear him saying, “I was fed a lot of lies about Canada. When I was younger, I wasn’t told that the Indians lived on the land that became Canada.”

Seth lives for applause, laughs and attention.

Seth knows if you want applause and attention make some crap up.

But please G-d, I don’t want hear a mea culpa from this piece of dreck.

“I’m sorry, I was stoned when I said that stupidity on that podcast.”

Lowering his voice, “I really didn’t mean it.”

“I know my fans aren’t idiots, especially not my Jewish fans.

I missed a lot of days at Hebrew school, so maybe they did teach the history of the Israel and its war for independence.

I know I gotta go to Israel if I ever want to make another film in Hollywood.

So I am going to Israel to pray at that ‘wall’ where Jews stick pieces of paper into.”

Sorry Seth, you have managed to built a wall around my wallet and your movies.

And for a ‘huge’ number of reasons and for a ‘huge’ number of years, I will never spend a cent to see any of your films.


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