Douglas M. Bloomfield
Douglas M. Bloomfield

Dog Whistles at the White House

A new Gallup poll out this week shows President Donald Trump’s approval ratings remain at historic low levels. Only 45 percent of Americans think he keeps his promises, a startling 17-point drop since February, the Washington Post reported.

Trump has had more zigzags than an Olympic slalom skier. China is a currency manipulator one day, the next it’s not; NATO is obsolete until it’s not; the US embassy is moving to Jerusalem on Day One and then it stays in Tel Aviv; North Korea and health care are not as easy as he expected; Russia is good, Russia is bad; stay out of Syria and then he bombs it. He “knows more than the generals” and then delegates decisions about bombing Afghanistan to them while he has chocolate cake with the Chinese president.

That’s what happens when you’re unprepared for a job and were too lazy and too arrogant to bother learning.

Once in office, Trump quickly discovered everything was harder than he imagined, and instead of fixing anything he has surrounded himself by incompetent, inexperienced advisors often at war with each other, and the most influential position is held by Jared Kushner, his monumentally unqualified son-in-law.

Trump undermines the authority and credibility of his own government by appointing agency heads hostile to the mission of their own departments (Justice, Energy, Education, Health and Human Services, Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, and Labor to name a few).

Part of the White House breakdown stems from the rivalry between the alt-right, led by chief strategist Steve Bannon, and the “globalists” led by Kushner. Among many on the alt-right, ‘globalist’ is a euphemism for the Jews like Kushner, his wife, Ivanka, and chief economic advisor, Gary Cohn.

The Forward said Cohn and the Kushners are a “clique of wealthy Jewish New Yorkers” known in the West Wing as the “Wall Street wing” or just “the Democrats.”

Bannon began referring to Kushner as a “globalist,” one of his favorite insults, and as a “cuck,” according to Daily Beast. “Cuck” or “cuckservative” is a combination of “cuckold” and “conservative” used as a slur by alt-right conservatives.

During his campaign Trump said the media and “international banks” were part of a global conspiracy to bring him down. Those are “code words of anti-Semitism,” said Steven Goldstein, director of the Anne Frank Center.

Trump’s theme, America First, has anti-Semitic roots in the isolationist and often pro-Nazi movement in the 1930s, and at 70, Trump is old enough to know that. He is notoriously uninformed about history, but someone early on should have explained that to him.

Trump’s approval rating is a dismal 39% in the his week’s Marist Poll, but even that dismal number is well above his 31% rating among American Jews. And performances like the bungled Holocaust Remembrance declaration that failed to mention Jewish victims of the Shoa and Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s abysmal attempts to make Hitler sound more humane than Syrian President Bashar Assad will help make sure they stay in the basement.

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Douglas M. Bloomfield is a syndicated columnist, Washington lobbyist and consultant. He spent nine years as the legislative director and chief lobbyist for AIPAC.
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