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Donald Trump’s AIPAC Talk

It’s unlikely GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump will speak exclusively from prepared text when he addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s Annual Policy Conference Monday. In case he does, here’s one that’s ready to go that could give attendees better insight into his campaign, views on the American-Israel relationship, and hopes for America:

I see a lot of friends in the audience; people who know what it’s like to fight to succeed in a very challenging world.

It’s great to be surrounded by many who have struggled, sacrificed, risked, and succeeded creating jobs, prosperity and a better life for our families and communities.

Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald J. Trump.
Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

I see more than a few old timers among this crowd, those of you who may remember what we went through in New York.

Maybe even a few that watched up close as our parents and grandparents rebuilt New York through the housing boom after our boys came home from World War II only to find our great city facing bankruptcy just two decades later and then coming together to overcome the horror of 9/11 to restore and continue to strengthen the greatest city the world has ever known.

I couldn’t be prouder to represent the New York spirit and miracle; the world’s most unique tapestry of race, religion, ethnicity and culture where we strive to live and let live, work hard, and fight even harder to make big dreams come true.

People should know you don’t scrap with a New Yorker because if you’ve learned to fight and win in New York, you’ve learned to fight and win. Period.

New Yorkers don’t give up.

Americans everywhere shouldn’t give up.

That’s not the vision or values of our founding fathers, let alone the generations that gave up so much because of the dreams they had for those of us who would follow.

It’s that spirit of success, hard work, dreaming big dreams, and creating greatness with our hands, minds, relationships and resources to give our families, communities and nation every chance to enjoy the greatness we know is possible that is the foundation of my campaign.

When I say, “Make America Great Again,” I mean it with all my heart. I know we can do it. But I also know we’ll need to come together to make that dream real for all of America.

Before I talk about my views on the vital relationship between America and our strongest, most reliable, trusted ally in the world, the Jewish State of Israel, let me say a few words about the state of the presidential campaign that seems to have captured everyone’s attention, including a few people I saw walk out earlier as I began to speak.

I don’t know what they’re afraid of hearing, but I respect their right to walk out. That’s America. That’s our protestors. I love our protestors!

And like each of you, I love America.

We have to fight and work hard to protect America.

Maybe my words sometimes come across as overly harsh or angry. Some of that is because I’m not a natural politician. I’ve had to learn along the way how words can be magnified and distorted and then repeated with little or no context over and over again by a media that needs ratings.

Maybe too often I speak my mind. When I’m hit, I hit back.

I’m not known for being politically correct.

But it’s also because there’s reason to be angry. Our country doesn’t win anymore and we have to change that. That’s not just in America’s interest. It’s in Israel’s interest too.

We have to fight to rebuild and restore the American dream for every American, not just 53% or 47%, but 100% of our children, families, friends and neighbors.

We can succeed in making America great again. You know it. I know it. Millions of people coming out to support our campaign know it too.

But there are challenges because making America great again means pushing aside some powerful interests who are used to getting their way in Washington and beyond. They spend hundreds of millions on lobbyists to buy influence, votes and, more often than not, candidates themselves. They like things the way they are because it’s working for them. In many ways, it’s worked for me too and it’s worked for many of you in this room.

But we can do better. Much better. We owe that to our great country. You know that.

The question is whether we can find the courage to do what’s right even when it may shake up the status quo and perhaps even hurt some of our own limited self-interests.

I didn’t have to do this. You all know my family could live well for generations on the wealth we’ve built. We’re not missing anything in our lives. Plenty of people said, “Donald, for what? Why? You’re so rich. You don’t need this.”

I do it because I love our country and I want an America that’s great for every American, every American.

I want it to be great first of all for our women. I love women. No one loves women more than me.

I want to make sure American women have every chance to succeed. That means we need jobs, companies and manufacturing in America. It means we have strong borders so we have a country. If anyone understands that, it’s people who know Israel. Without borders, you don’t have a country. We either have a country or we don’t.

It means building a wall, and yes, Mexico is going to pay for it.

I’m going to build that wall, and it’s getting taller, along our southern border because it’s critical to securing our nation, including protecting our jobs and stopping the flow of drugs that are destroying our children and communities.

And you know why Mexico is going to pay for it? Because it’s in their self interest, that’s why. If they want unhindered access to sell their products to American consumers, which they need for their economy, they have to stop the flow of drugs and illegals over our southern border.

If we had competent negotiators in Washington, this would have been done years ago.

Mexico, China, Japan and even Vietnam have much better negotiators than we do because our negotiations and embassies are too often led by incompetent politicians who’ve never created jobs or known what it takes to create success with their own sweat and sacrifice. Other countries often have their smartest people negotiating for them. We have to do better. We need negotiators who know how to win for America.

I know I’ve upset a lot of people with my talk about fair trade.

My party, the Republican Party, has long been the party of free trade.

I’m all for free trade too, but it has to be fair trade.

It’s not fair trade when American workers are competing with exports from countries that manipulate their currencies and don’t pay their workers anything close to a living wage.

That’s common sense. We need more common sense in Washington.

That’s common sense that’s good for women, good for men, good for Hispanics, Blacks, Whites – good for everyone in this country except the special interests who make big money on protecting the status quo at the expense of the American people.

Yes, contrary to what Mitt Romney is saying, I’m a proud Republican. But I’m a common sense Republican. And I’m not a choker like he was when he disappeared for the last six weeks of the election.

That common sense approach is why so many Democrats and Independents are moving over to the Republican Party.

Since January, more than 50,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have switched to the Republican Party and that’s happening more and more across the country.

We can’t just have a Republican Party that just obstructs and leadership that doesn’t even show up to vote.

You may have noticed that until a few weeks ago, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush were the favorites of the Republican establishment. This month, with tens of millions spent trying to undermine, attack and embarrass me in Florida, I won every single Florida county except the one where Marco and his family live. The more the special interests through their candidates and super pacs try to bring me down, the more America knows what’s at stake in our campaign.

The people are smart. They know what I’m fighting against and what I’m fighting for.

We don’t win enough. It’s time to start winning.

To win, we need a Republican Party that works every day for the American People, with leaders who can make deals that protect our highest priorities and values without demeaning the people on the other side of the table.

Ted Cruz will never make America great again. What has he accomplished for anyone in Washington besides speeches and a government shutdown that cost us a lot of money and didn’t advance a single priority he said he was fighting for?

Maybe it’s surprising to hear me saying we shouldn’t demean others. I have to say that when I see the way the media covers me, I’d probably be surprised too.

I can say 1,000 things about lifting people up, coming together, creating a great future, but that’s not what the media wants to cover. It doesn’t get them ratings. And we all know, ratings is money. The media likes their money.

They’re dying for any sound bite they can twist, dissect and distort to cause fear and uproar so all their pundits can get on the air, get ratings, and rake in the bucks. It’s one of the biggest scams in America.

I say the media is dishonest and disgusting, not everyone, but many, because they’re the ones more than any who want to stir things up for their own financial interests. And they probably hate me because I’m smarter than the other candidates and super pacs who buy tens of millions of dollars worth of air time on those same networks while I spend very little.

Ask yourself, who has the most to gain from stirring things up and you’ll understand why I say the media — not all of them — is so disgusting and dishonest.

You know I’m self funding my campaign, which is something I’d like a little more credit for.

I’m winning and spending less than everyone else because I’m a businessman not a politician. Politicians love throwing other people’s money away.

Can I get some credit for putting my money where my mouth is and self-funding?

I don’t have a super pac. And I don’t go to boardrooms, bankers, lawyers or lobbyists asking for big contributions.

Others are coming here to raise money. I don’t need your money. I don’t want your money or anyone else’s because I know better than anyone how the game is played. I’ve played it for a long time because that’s how the world we’ve lived in works. It’s part of what you had to do to succeed in a world where these people pull so many strings that decide where our tax dollars go, the treaties we sign, and much more that isn’t always good for America.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a country where our leaders do what’s right because it’s good for America instead of because it’s what a lobbyist paid them to do?

Some powerful people don’t like me for it because they don’t know what they’ll do if we create a future in which our elected leaders work for the American people and not the special interests who buy influence.

Just watch the news tonight or any night and you’ll see those people and their puppets warning that I’m a threat along with all kinds of other nasty names. They’re right about one thing and that is that our campaign is a threat. But not to America. Not to American values. And not to the vision of America.

Mitt Romney is fighting for the past of the Republican Party. I’m fighting for the Party’s future and America’s future.

I love America. I’m a threat to the special interests who are terrified of a future in which they can’t buy politicians, votes and influence.

You don’t need lobbyists to convince me of the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship and ensuring Israel maintains it’s qualitative military edge in the world’s most dangerous neighborhood. You don’t need lobbyists to convince me it’s in America’s interest to stand with Israel. Maybe you need lobbyists to persuade others, but not me.

I know I’m surrounded here by people who understand the challenges and miracles of the State of Israel, the Jewish State of Israel.

It says a lot when others won’t recognize Israel as a Jewish State. The Arabs have a lot of nations. Just look at a map or all their flags flying in front of the UN. They have Sunni nations and Shia nations. Even a predominantly Palestinian Arab nation just across the Jordan River in 80 percent of what was once called Palestine.

When they won’t recognize Israel as a Jewish State it means they think they’ll one day destroy Israel. We can’t fall for that.

For the life of me, I don’t know how anyone who cares about America and Israel doesn’t speak out when Israel’s neighbors refuse to recognize Israel as the one independent nationstate of the Jewish People.

My friendship with Israel isn’t based on sympathy, lobbyists, or special interests. I love Israel because there is no other country on the planet that better represents the most fundamental American values or more consistently stands with and for America.

I look forward to being the president who finally opens our Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel’s eternal capital. Where else do we refuse to have our Embassy in a nation’s capital? Who are we to say, no, we’ll have our Embassy in Tel Aviv even though the People of Israel, our greatest friends and allies, long ago declared Jerusalem to be the capital?

As President, I will move our Embassy to Jerusalem.

Lots of others have stood before you in the past and said those words, but the embassy is still in Tel Aviv. That tells you how much you can count on the words of politicians.

As President, I’ll authorize the move in my first month.

It will be a beautiful embassy. Maybe the most beautiful in the world.

And I will be a president who will make sure Iran is never able to pose an existential threat to Israel.

For the life of me, I can’t understand how anyone who cares about Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship can support Hillary Clinton and the Democrats after everything they did to push an agreement that gave Iran more than $150 billion and international legitimacy for their nuclear program. The deal is a disaster for America, Israel and many of our other allies and Hillary was its architect and number one cheerleader.

Ted Cruz says he’ll rip up the deal on his first day in office. The problem with that is that the Iranians already got the $150 billion. What we need is to make sure we keep Iran under a microscope so when they violate any term of the agreement, which they’re already doing, America responds immediately. We’re not responding now and that’s bad for America and Israel. You can count on me to stand with Israel on Iran.

I’m tired of seeing Israel so often get a bad rap. It didn’t used to be that way, but Israel’s enemies got smarter about how they use the media and what they do on college campuses to spread lies.

How in the world the people who handle public relations for Israel and advertising experts in America allow so much false information to take hold is beyond me.

People who know and care about Israel have to do better telling the story of Israel’s values, challenges and successes. When Israel is hit with lies, you have to hit back.

You know very well that the people who hate Israel will say anything and do anything to win the battle for public opinion because that’s how they think they’ll weaken the world’s only Jewish nation.

My commitment to Israel is ironclad.

Some people distorted my comments about being neutral when it comes to negotiations between Israel and her neighbors.

I want to be sure you understand where I stand.

Neutral means it’s up to the people to work it out at the negotiating table without interference from America or anyone else. Israelis can negotiate knowing we have their back. But it’s the Israelis themselves who have to determine what they will or will not accept.

We can’t impose solutions, like this Administration has tried.

The idea that someone in Washington, London, Paris, Munich or Moscow is going to dictate the terms of negotiations gets in the way of Israel and her neighbors taking responsibility for getting to the table and staying there until they create a better future for everyone. America can play a role as an honest broker, not by doing the work for them. No one thinks it’s easy. Maybe it’s impossible. But the only way to know is to create an environment for the parties to figure out for themselves what they can do.

American policy in the Middle East has not been good for Israel. The horrible decision to go into Iraq only strengthened Iran and fueled the spread of radical Islam. At the same time, we paid the price for this awful war with thousands of our children, tens of thousands of veterans who will never be the same, and more wasted money than anyone ever imagined.

I love our brave, courageous veterans and they’ve been badly, badly mistreated.

They’re dying while waiting for suicide hotlines to answer their calls.

They’re dying while waiting to get healthcare and other benefits.

They’re fed up with the bureaucracy that too often keeps them from getting the benefits they’ve earned.

We will do much better for our veterans. Much better. We owe that to them. We owe that to their families.

We can’t afford a future in which so many who say they care about our veterans give empty speeches while standing by as too many of our promises to our veterans are betrayed. Our sacred trust with our veterans must never be compromised.

Making America great again has to start with how we treat our veterans.

And it also means rebuilding the strongest military the world has ever known.

If we want to keep America safe in a dangerous world, we need the best fighting force and most advanced technology our men and women in uniform deserve.

We need to be so strong that no one will mess with us. And that includes cyber threats. We can’t keep having nations stealing our secrets, personnel records, and much more that we don’t even hear about because they see us as weak.

We don’t win. We need to win for our veterans, for our military, for our workers.

There’s no one more capable than me to bring together a team of leaders who will make sure America wins at every level. Carl Icahn is one of my biggest supporters. He was among the first to endorse me. Imagine having Carl Icahn negotiating for America.

I get criticized for not laying out every detail of how I’ll solve the challenges our nation faces. That’s the game politicians like to play. They publish detailed platforms and plans they know are never going to happen.

We need the best and brightest who will tackle every challenge with experience, ingenuity, and the ability to negotiate deals that work for America – not empty promises.

I could go on but I know you’ve got many others who want to speak with you today and I need to get back on the campaign trail.

I want to leave you with my gratitude for the work each of you do to strengthen the U.S.- Israel relationship. Your work to strengthen Israel strengthens America. Our nations are in it together and always will be.

You can be sure that Israel will have no greater friend in the White House than Donald Trump.

You can also count on me to forcefully speak out against hate groups in America that threaten the Jewish community or any other minority group. I’ve repudiated David Duke, the KKK, and White supremacists over and again, yet the media likes to keep asking the same question. I don’t want the support of hate groups. I disavow their support. Hate has no place in American politics. I don’t know how I can say that more clearly.

But I do need your support, courage and prayers that the movement we’ve begun to make America great again is successful.

Millions have joined us.

Your voice and active support will help too.

America deserves that. Our families and communities deserve that.

Israel needs to know that its greatest ally is one she can count on.

Help me bring people together. You can count on me.

Thank you, and God bless America, Israel and the values that unite us all.

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