Don’t alienate Muslims, alienate the terrorists!

We don’t have a Muslim, Christian, or a Jewish problem. We have a terrorism problem. The second you start to say “We have a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish problem” you are actually part of the problem. Right now, Islamist terrorists don’t care if you are a Muslim, a Jew, or a Christian. They are going after everyone and anyone who does not support their radicalized terrorist Ideology. In fact, the vast majority of their victims are — get this — Muslim!

I am deeply perturbed by the posts that I am seeing on my newsfeed lately and again after what just happened in California yesterday. Inciting hate against Muslims or any other person of faith is wrong. It is not just wrong, it is extremely counterproductive. You alienate allies within the Muslim community, many of which, who are law abiding citizens in this great nation of ours.

Furthermore, stop asking people to condemn terrorism! It would be nice and should be welcomed if they do but it should be done because they want to, not because they are forced to. I did not see anyone ask any Christians last week to condemn what that terrorist did in the Planned Parenthood Clinic. No one on my newsfeed. No one in my family. No friends of mine. No one at all. Crickets. So please stop asking Muslims to condemn, which many do anyways in this country but fall on your deaf ears.

Ask them to help us fight against this despicable ideology, which many are willing to, and say we stand against any Anti-Muslim sentiments and with those who are being attacked by these terrorists, instead of putting them on the defensive of having to condemn after every single terrorist attack, which by the way does nothing since you won’t believe most Muslims are good anyways. You know who you are. I don’t need to tag you.

To all my Muslim, Christian, and Jewish friends, please keep on helping us stand against this hateful ideology.

About the Author
Sholom Neistein was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida. He graduated Florida International University with bachelor degrees in Biological Sciences and Psychology. He is currently the Co-founder of Humans Refusing to be Enemies which is geared to bringing peace not only to Israel and Palestine but to the world at large.
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