Naphtali Perlberger

DoubleSpeak 2015

So, now the White House through its Chief of Staff demands that “an occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end.”  In tandem,the EU has, once again, been asked to remove Hamas as a terrorist organization.  With the stroke of a pen, Truth may soon be turned upside down!

Can it rationally be argued that Hamas or the Palestinian Authority are entitled to nation status?  As PM Netanyahu said in attacking the EU Court actions in Luxembourg, “Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization, which states in its charter that its goal is to destroy Israel.”  In legitimizing Hamas, advocates of the Two-State Solution point to Israel, the aggressor state, and chastise its leader for resisting or standing in the way of “peace”. The Palestinian Authority likewise, while blocked by the Security Council (up to now),   succeeded in obtaining an overwhelming vote in the UN General Assembly recognizing  Palestine as a “non-member observer state”.  The PA has angled its way through the backdoor into several UN agencies and treaties.

Here in the United States, statements out of the White House indicate that, in the wake of Netanyahu’s victory and his speech (which has been distorted and contorted), the policy and relations with Israel are being “reassessed”.

In the meantime, The President, in a recent interview said that the U.S. Muslim population is one of the largest in the world! Looking at population surveys as they are reported apolitically, the #1 nation having 207 million Moslems or 88% of its population is Indonesia, followed by Pakistan with 167 million (95%), and down the list to Iran with 64 million (98%).  Listed as 38th on the list is the United States with 4.55 million or 1.5% of the population.  U.S. one of the largest Muslim nations in the world? Absurd, but if said, many will believe it, just as the words, “radical Islamic terrorism” may not be uttered, no matter what, no matter how many are beheaded!.

So where is the data to support this Orwellian DoubleSpeak coming out of the White House and proliferated by the leftist media?

“An occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years . . .”  Who are the occupiers?  While allegedly “validated” by a U.N. vote in 1948, Jews have lived in Israel for over 3,000 years – driven out, exiled, murdered, their enemies have been unable to rid this little sliver of land of Jews, and it kills those whose mandate comes from a made-up Divine mission.  Outcast from their supposed friendly countries, the Palestinian Arabs who scream of occupation and brand Israel as a band of criminals and murderers, have never been welcome EXCEPT in Israel!  They remain invited guests and the occupiers of Israel.
Unable to defeat Israel militarily or find some way to annihilate the Jews who make up the majority, DoubleSpeak effectively brands and condemns the hosts whose hospitality is despised, albeit seized out of an extended hand.  They sit in the Knesset and, in the most recent election, actually won an unprecedented 13 seats!  Can we even imagine a parliament in the West Bank or Gaza that would elect a single Jew?  Given the right to vote, incredibly busloads of Israeli Arabs were driven to the voting booths in an effort to defeat Netanyahu and elect a government that would ring in the Two-State Solution with its capitol in East Jerusalem.
Israel’s traditional ally over the decades of Presidents, Democratic and Republican, is now abandoning it and throwing it to the wolves. Iran is on the verge of nuclear capability with ICBM’s reaching as far as Europe and being developed to cross the ocean to the United States. Iran, modern-day Persia, has revived its agenda to cleanse the Middle East (and ultimately, the world) of Jews (and let’s not be blinded, of Christians, as well), and as some kind of cosmic joke, Iran is being enabled in this relentless mission by the United States.  The rhetoric out of Washington sounds more and more like the poison that daily emerges from radical Islam.  The difference between the messages is dangerously blurring.
Europe is losing its identity and the cancer that is ISIS (in whatever form or name you give it) is spreading.  The defacing of a synagogue or cemetery, once a rare occurrence, is commonplace. Hate slogans, swastikas and echoes of Nazi propaganda are becoming louder and louder. A French supermarket in the Jewish Quarter is the site of murders, and the President of the United States, refusing to call it for what it was, labels the incident a random act of violence.
So, when the Chief of Staff says that the “occupation of 50 years must end”, what is its natural outcome?  Land for Peace?  How could it be when across the negotiating table is a foe who will not recognize Israel’s right to exist (prohibited by charter, constitution, and religious dogma), who is sworn to the obliteration of the Jewish People. Shrinking Israel down to its pre-1967 borders, with ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, and countless other hoodlum groups, would be madness! Hundreds of thousands of rockets and mortars, would be even closer, within seconds of striking at the heart of Israel. More and more terrorist tunnels and suicide bombers — behind a paper-thin door.
We must, without hesitation or fear, name our enemies, guard against them and not fall prey to the political rhetoric that is threatening the sanity of its listeners and numbing us from the action we must take. Israel is NOT the “occupier”.  It is the only line of defense in the Middle East.  It is the only democratic stronghold in the region. The United States and Europe should rally around its precious friend and ally.  Instead of berating the voters who retained Netanyahu, and rejected the Herzog coalition, we should breathe a gasp of relief!
Maybe it cannot reasonably happen with the present Administration — and the new one is frighteningly 21 months away — a lot can happen until then.  Let’s make certain it is not Darkness that engulfs the Light, as the clock slowly ticks by.
About the Author
Naphtali Perlberger is a senior lecturer for AISH HaTorah and gives weekly shiurim at Chabad of Golden Beach and Aish Chaim of the Main Line. He is one of the founders and a past president of the Philadelphia Community Kollel. He is Founder & President of Philadelphia Chapter of Children of the Holocaust, and past FJA Chairman of Men's Organizations; past President of Kosloff Torah Academy; and, talk show host for a radio show, "G-d is Listening".