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Prior to his ill-fated October 25, 2022 debate with Senate Republican candidate, Dr. Mehmet Oz, the hoodie wearing 6’8″, bald-headed, hawk-faced, John Fetterman released a letter dated October 15 signed by his family doctor, Dr. Clifford Chen of Duquesne, PA.

Where to begin.

Fetterman’s disabilities following his massive stroke on May 13, 2022 and the implantation of a pacemaker have been, in his limited appearances, alarming.

A recent NBC interview in which he required computer assistance raised many questions.

The reporter was roundly mocked for saying that Fetterman didn’t appear to understand what he was saying and had trouble communicating.

Her critics owe her an apology.

Last night, during their debate, Fetterman demonstrated his utter inability to think and articulate clearly, despite the use of a huge monitor over the heads of the debate moderators which provided their questions in writing.

Democrats quickly attacked questions about his abilities as discrimination against the disabled.

Their comments are a slur against the disabled. Just because someone has a disability  doesn’t mean they lie or refuse to answer direct questions when confronted with his prior inconsistencies statements.

(Let’s forget for a moment about Fetterman’s extreme positions of emptying jails and prisons, etc.)

Dr. Chen signed an unsworn letter saying “He has no work restrictions and can work full duty in public office.” Which public office, Dr. Chin? The Lt. Governor’s office or the U.S. Senate office? He doesn’t say. An experienced trial lawyer could pick his “findings”  apart in minutes. He writes that he communicated (hearsay alert!) with Fetterman’s neurologist and cardiologist but doesn’t identify them, state what they discussed, when the discussed took place. He doesn’t even describe the conditions for which Fetterman sees them. In fact, Dr. Chin barely describe Fetterman’s medical history at all. He doesn’t even state the date he last saw him or  the condition(s) for which he treated him. He doesn’t list the medications Fetterman takes or why he takes them.  He fails to list what physical and mental assessment tests, if any, he administered or their results. He fails to state whether Fetterman is at risk for future strokes as a result of his reported atrial fibrillation. Most significantly, he doesn’t discuss the duties associated with U.S. Senate service and whether Fetterman is able to perform those duties, which require arduous intellectual and physical stamina. He just says Fetterman is “fit”. He may be fit to lift 15 pounds which would be fine if he were working at COSTCO but following the October 27, 2022 debate it is evident that he is not fit to process demanding information or make independent judgment in the United States Senate.

Fetterman’s campaign released Dr. Chin’s letter seven days prior to the debate. Consider it a Team Fetterman “Hail Mary” akin to the 51 “intelligence experts” who signed an unsworn letter claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation”  even though they never examined it and had major ties to President Trump’s Democratic opponent, Joe Biden. That letter was also released within days of an election. The signers then, and Dr. Chen now, did not make themselves available for cross-examination. Oh, and for the record, Dr. Chen was a donor to Fetterman’s campaign.

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