D’var Torah Parshat Mikeitz

Upon his release from prison at the beginning of this week’s parsha, Yosef Hatzaddik is asked by Paro if he is the interpreter of dreams which his butler had told him about. When answering this question Yosef gives an interesting answer. The Torah writes that Yosef answers Paro, “That it is not I but GOD who will give an answer [to Paro’s dream which he asks Yosef to interpret for him] that will bring peace to Paro” (Bereisheit 41:16).

Here, during his confrontation with Paro Yosef could have spoken with pride about his unique gift of interpreting dreams. Instead Yosef understood that his unique talent of dream interpretation is GOD given.
This idea of realizing that are talents come from GOD is especially relevant to Chanukah. One of the biggest victories the Greeks had over the Jews during the Chanukah story was that they were able to entice Jews to become part of their culture ultimately leading to their assimilation and becomes Greeks or Hellenists and live lives lacking GODLINESS which Greek culture of the time lacked in many ways.

However, Greek culture (which in many ways has led us to having many of the great technological and cultural advances in modern western society and throughout the world). For example, by studying medicine (which along with other types of sciences the ancient Greeks had contributed a lot to) keep people in line with the important Torah principle of both keeping our body healthy and help others live healthier lives so they can serve GOD with ease.
May we use the model of Yosef to bring GODLINESS to the world in all of our talents.
May the light of Chanukah take us into the light of Moschiach.
Good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom, Gut Shabbes.

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