Josia Nakash
Founder, Good Vibe Agency

Earth Day Is Really about Creating a Better Environment

Let’s not jump to the wrong conclusions, but I doubt that the government relief measures were made out of genuine concern for the people. As things stand right now, many parts of the population do not have the basic means necessary to maintain themselves. This is due to the poor explanation of these new laws that many people are not familiar with; and also because it’s an economic plan that is totally disconnected from reality. 

We shouldn’t be shocked because do we really expect our egoistic leaders to provide a suitable response to the crisis out of love and concern for others? Ultimately it’s always us, the people, who have to bear the consequences of decisions that are not even connected to us. Even more so at times like this, when crony capitalism dictates our everyday reality. 

What politicians will not tell us, because they themselves do not know, is that nature has no emotion or compassion. It is a law, a set of laws from which we are supposed to learn, from which we are supposed to receive a good example. 

“We need to renew ourselves through our values ​​and relationships. This would have significant implications for every area of our lives – economic, social, educational, and environmental.

At the moment, nature is showing how the old ways have reached their limit, to the point where we have begun to eat away at the core values of society, and everything we have built to this day. We need to be less stubborn, see the writing on the wall, and understand that we need to renew ourselves through our values ​​and relationships. This would have significant implications for every area of our lives – economic, social, educational, and environmental. 

What Can Be Done?

We must improve our relationships at all levels of nature, and especially the speaking level – meaning between us humans. We all belong to one system and the law works on every part of the system equally. We humans are the exception to the rule, since we are the only part with free will; the only part capable of changing anything in the general system.

I’m sure many of you will ask a very legitimate question, why now? Because the human ego has peaked in our time and we have to rise to a higher level of human existence. A far better way to exist in balance with everything around us. 

A small example of our stubbornness is how we only sat in lockdown for about two months and we already see changes in nature, air, oceans, land, roads, and crime. Are we getting the message? When our ego is slightly restrained, incredible things happen all around us. 

It’s all part of us being human. Take any animal and put food in front of it. They will know immediately whether it is good or bad for them. Put a bowl of food in front of a person, and even if we know it may cause us stomach problems, the intoxicating odors and colors entice us to dive right in anyhow. It’s amazing how nature created us with such developed emotional intelligence, yet it also gave us a desire that does not allow us to make correct decisions. To apply straightforward, and simple logic. Animals are controlled by their natural instincts. That is the only thing determining their concepts of good and bad, and there is no other factor compelling them to act in contradiction to their instincts; There is no hate or love in the animal species, unpleasant or pleasant, good or bad. 

The same is true for all parts of nature except man. Our desires are in complete imbalance, and the receiving and giving aspects of our nature are not completing each other properly. The trait of reception is something close and familiar to us, while the giving aspect is a dormant emotion that we don’t readily identify with. 

When nature imprinted on us the feeling of ourselves, the feeling of oneness with what’s outside of us disappeared. This is why we can’t reach balance with the natural qualities we possess like all other living things. This is why the more developed a person is, the more egocentric he/she is, because only one side is being developed. 

So it turns out that humans have two levels of natural desires – the first are natural desires like any living creature, and the others are human desires for things such as control, money, respect, and knowledge. The human will demands complete control over the entire world.

As a result, as humanity evolves, the desire to acquire, control, and gain more respect is increased through simple impulses of jealousy and competition. And to rise to a higher level of human development, we can no longer settle for this instinctual existence. 

We must learn two main principles: The first is the study of human nature and the forces operating on it. And the other is the study of the general law of nature. That is the goal we are facing now. 

So as Independence Day approaches here in Israel, we need to decide if we want to be independent in our behavior and trash everything around us, or whether we want the beneficial kind of independence that releases us from the destructive nature of the human ego. 

We always have this choice in front of us. Israel can provide the world with the best example of a better culture once we make it a priority. 

About the Author
Josia Nakash made Aliya from Canada at the age of 12 on a 28-foot Cape Dory sailboat. She loves sharing all the good Israel has to offer the world. Josia has a BA in International Relations and Political Science. She was the IDF's second female sniper instructor and is a top marketing consultant and copywriter.
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