East is East and the West just doesn’t get it. Confronting The Caliphate Nightmare

There is a dramatic difference in the way Western minds think as opposed to Eastern ones. This is not “remember grasshopper”, Kung-Fu TV series talk. The worldview of these differing cultures is as far apart as the East and West and as the advance of conquering 7th century Islam Holy War Jihadists continues Washington shows a profound and culpable ignorance of how fatal any mistake can be in dealing with a force not seen in the world since the 630’s.

The last time anything seen even remotely comparable was in the 1945 Pacific Campaign. The Japanese Army and Navy were determined to stop the advance towards the home islands and Leyte Gulf and Okinawa showed how determined they were. The Kamikaze Corps was formed to attack US carriers and their escorts and US Navy personnel were astounded at the actions of pilots who were determined to crash their bomb bearing aircraft into their ships. The code of warfare had been turned into a war of annihilation by these men, the Japanese would not surrender willingly. The concept of death rather than dishonor was dismissed into mindless fanaticism by Allied commanders. Yet the devastating weapon was turned back only by men more determined to live than to die and overwhelming force and firepower. Okinawa taught the Marines and Navy that civilians would follow this code, women and their children could accept this death commitment before any thought of surrender and threw themselves and their children from rocky cliffs onto sharp rocks below. The invasion of the home islands promised a wave of 10,000 Kamikaze aircraft of all kinds, some designed specifically for one-way flights, one-man speedboats with explosives and children trained to wear backpacks and throw themselves under the tanks and armored vehicles of the landing force. The two atomic bombs took many lives but nowhere near the estimates of casualties on both sides an invasion would take.

People ask why Muslims seem to accept the dictums of their imams and mullahs so easily in Caliphate areas and Iran. Islam is a religion of submission, no intellectual wanderings, no personal interpretations. When photos appear of prayer time, how many are standing when all the others are bowing in unison? Anyone who does not submit to the local Mosque’s authority and imam does not have a chance. In Caliphate areas, the worst death can happen and it will be broadcast worldwide to intimidate everyone, a sort of global “Stockholm Syndrome”. Westerners are clueless and unable to accept this. Freedom of intellect and expression are common elements in Western civilization, democracy and self determination, equality of men and women, freedom of speech and religion are essential ingredients in this culture. In The Middle East and in most Islamic nations this is foreign and heretical. Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi culture is so to an extreme and The Caliphate exceeds them in outright brutality. Western minds cannot accept these ideas and tries to compartmentalize them as “terrorism” or extremism” or as the Obama Administration is fond of calling them “workplace violence”.

Only Israel and its growing alliances with Egypt and Jordan know how to deal with a mindset that sees only its own ways, uses any means and has no fear of death. Washington is in no position to attempt to lead any action, other than hold useless academic conferences and utter gibberish that no one believes or even understands on a world podium. We can be thankful that the peace treaties that Israel signed with Jordan and Egypt have forged a growing alliance that is now the front line in this war of survival against The Caliphate. It is obvious that a delusional administration in Washington that refuses to call a war a war and sends its battle plans to its enemy months before they are even ready to carry out is not fit for leadership in any way, shape or form. The war will go on until the enemy is crushed, not bought off with job campaigns, anger management counseling or group psychotherapy sessions. War is best led by warriors not social workers.

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Tom Brennan is a former museum curator, library adminstrator, small business owner, sheriff's deputy, Arabian Breeding Farm Manager, cowboy, farmer and author. He writes for