Egypt is a Holy Mess

Egypt is a holy mess.  It’s a wreck.

The Jerusalem Post writes:

Youths hurl firebombs and rocks while storming building; 16 dead, nearly 800 hurt since anti-Morsi protests began; president refuses to bow to pressure for his resignation.

Four Egyptian ministers resigned from the government on Monday, a cabinet official said, a day after protesters poured onto streets to demand President Mohamed Morsi resign.


“Four ministers presented their resignations today,” said the official, who asked not to be named. He gave no reason but the state news agency had earlier said the ministers were considering resigning in sympathy with the protesters…

By all accounts they have enough financial resources to last them until a quarter past next Tuesday.  What bothers me most, however, is that the United States could have thrown its weight behind the secular reformers, thus potentially avoiding this catastrophe, but did not.  Instead the Obama administration backed the anti-American, misogynistic, brutally homophobic, and genocidally anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that is unapologetically associated with the Nazis and, yet, still supported by the American administration.

How it is that the Obama administration decided to back the very worst actors on the world scene today remains a mystery.

How it is that the mainstream media closed their eyes to the story is perhaps less of a mystery.  We all wanted Obama to succeed.  Certainly I did and quite obviously they did.  But he hasn’t and for so much of the media to just turn away their eyes is disgraceful and a disservice to the American people, not to mention the world community.  It also explains why so many American Jews would support an American president that supports political Islam.  They didn’t quite get it, because the American media refused to discuss it, because we all wanted Obama to succeed even as his foreign policy had all the sophistication of thirteen year old boys playing RISK.

By far the bloodiest incident of Sunday’s mammoth and mostly peaceful protests against the Brotherhood and President Mohamed Morsi, it began after dark and continued for hours, with guards inside firing on youths hurling fire bombs and rocks.

The “mostly peaceful” hurling of fire bombs!

Another thing that we need to consider is just why it is that the western progressive-left, in general, hailed the so-called “Arab Spring” as a good thing – as the great upwelling of Arab democracy – when actually it was the rise of political Islam.  I suppose it was understandable why they were so foolish at the time – because they were hopeful and optimistic – but what I cannot quite understand is why they absolutely refuse to admit it to, now?

Is it simply a matter of losing face?

For months during the “Arab Spring” I sat in San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club’s Middle East Forum and listened to people sing the praises of these Facebook youths – or whatever – who were engaged in a righteous, democratic battle for freedom and liberty, but that was all a lie and, yet, the western left still will not admit that they were backing a political movement that is fascistic in nature.

And now we are seeing a secular backlash against that fascist movement.  Obama supported the Brotherhood and the Brotherhood is an anti-American fascist organization and now huge numbers of Egyptians are rising up to say “NO.”

The last time that Secretary of State Clinton was in Cairo they threw shoes at her motorcade.

Has that fact gotten through the skulls of the American left?

I doubt it.


Mike Lumish is the editor of Israel Thrives.

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