Election, What is At Stake

To all the supporters of the Likud Party who do not speak Hebrew

The headlines are screaming: “The revenge arrived”, “The enlightened Left decided to destroy ‘Bibi’”. Chaim Vlader [Walder] ] wrote the article “The enlightened Left decided to destroy ‘Bibi’” to which I have a reply:

The last resort of the Left

Sign of life

Let it be clear that Netanyahu is not exactly the ultra-Orthodox “cup of tea”. The man did a lot of damage to our public, and did not exactly make an effort to prevent damages made by others.

The only right point Netanyahu holds is that the Left wants to unseat/topple him …

They are trying to topple him from the day he was elected, in the election that neighbored Rabin’s assassination. As it is known, these election were brought forward because the Left knew that Rabin’s assassination shocked the nation, so the Left made sure to depict Netanyahu in the media (automatically recruited from the Left) as the guilty party of the Rabin’s assassination. The Left was sure not only in Peres’s victory but also in the dramatic change of the political spectrum in favor of the Left. Something like going back to the days of Ben Gurion when the Labor Party won fifty mandates/seats.

The election results proved them wrong. Not only that the Left did not open a gap, Netanyahu defeated Shimon Peres and became the youngest prime minister in Israel’s history.

They did not forgive him for this ever, and ever since they do everything to bring him down.

They tried the slander methods: “He is stingy and a coward; he is hesitant, is dangerous for Israel, he likes to enjoy himself, a hedonist and is wasting public funds.” It did not work.

They tried to take away from him the only newspaper that supported him. They almost succeeded. But Netanyahu, who understood exactly what they wanted, dissolved his government so he can have a single source of support. (I guess they, among themselves, know to appreciate this wise move)
They tried to go after his wife and we will not repeat the charges. It turned out that the public is divided into three groups:
Those who think it’s not true.

Those who think that this is true and irrelevant.

Those who think that it is true and relevant, but a prime minister who manages to overcome such problems at home, is probably good enough to solve the problems of Israel in the world.

They stuck onto him affairs, “the moving story” about a petty argument between him and the furniture mover; the “Bibi Tours Affair,” about so called funding his travels and other seemingly different affair cases. Nothing worked.

Now, apparently, they understood that this way it will not work. They’ve understood that the citizens, who might seem stupid, are not stupid enough to entrust their fate in people who receive money from Germany to boycott Israel and weaken her and support her enemies. With Rabin this method almost succeeded, precisely because he did not appear to be a Leftist. After Rabin the public will not vote for the Left even if they put Baruch Marzel to lead them…

And when they realize this – they probably decided to turn to the last resort!

Last resort was and is: contacting the only place where the Left has unchallenged control. The legal system. They want to do to Netanyahu what they did to Olmert, Ramon, Lieberman and others.

Let it be clear. The Left has never been democratic, like it was never “peace seeking”. The Left knows to be a brutal bloodthirsty dictator more than any other Right-wing government.

Forget their “peace hubris” coming out of their mouths. It comes only from the place of “How beautiful you are dancing” before the Gentiles, whom they find to be of more interest than their fellow Jews. And if they have to sell all of us to earn budgets from the EU and Germany, so why not?

The Left, like everyone else, just wants to rule and control. And in order to control, they will do all they could to do this.
It started this week. Netanyahu is now going the way of all the leaders of the country [Israel], who dared to defy the opinion of those who truly rule and control the state government – the rule of the Left.

[End of Excerpts]

I was born in Israel and I am an American citizen for many years. Factual, also in the United States they stick to empty accusations’ nonsense. In every cumbersome system there are existing exceeding, at time exceptional and out of budget, expenses as well as the ego takes over and celebrates. When Israelis contracted to personal accusations that have no political or substance charges that should clarify that there is something behind it.

No one wants to remember and talk about attorney Yitzhak (Isaac/Buzi) Herzog, the enlightened leader of the Zionist party of today, who cynically and craftily used the right to remain silence when he was questioned by police on Ehud Barak’s NGOs affair.

Mr. Buzi was Barak’s attorney on behalf of their Party and used the NGOs and the black money that came from Canada fore operation. The money from abroad laundering case, that Herzog represented and made him to remain silent speaks volume. His deafening silence evidencing one thousand times over – the so to speak – Netanyahu’s exceeding budget affair of today.

And what about the exceeding expenses of Shimon Peres, when he was a president? For one, his birthdays’ parties? Have you looked into this case and its content and how unusual and way over the budget they were?

Cynicism: Attorney Yitzhak (Isaac-Buzi) Herzog, the real crook in the Ehud Barak NGOs affair, is seeking the public’s trust when he covers his nakedness with the fig leaf that fell off Prime Minister Netanyahu’s achievements’ tree!

Netanyahu, Herzog, Livni
Netanyahu, Herzog, Livni

Stop the pettiness, you are already 67 year old!

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