Elul – אלול @ Sefer Yetzira


The Tribe for Elul is GAD גד
In the Kho-shen חשן
(the Breastplate of the High Priest)
its name was incised in a precious stone
called the אחלמה Achlama,
which some commentators define
as a purple tinted amethyst
in the form of a calf’s eye
which was believed
to prevent cowardliness in battle,
an important prerequisite for the tribe
which guarded the frontier.
Also the banner of Gad showed
a formation of soldiers and army camp.
גד גדוד יגודנו
Gad is an army camp (Genesis 49:19)

The name Achlama also suggests
the Hebrew word: החלמה
Healing and Recovery

Both of these qualities, preparing for
a spiritual battle and the ability to heal
relate to the special Attribute of Elul:
Action – Taking the Initiative
and doing real Repentance -Tsuva
before the High Holidays,
according to the well-known acronym
based on Elul’s name in Hebrew: אלול
אני לדודי ודודי לי
the initial letters of the phrase
in the Song of Songs (6:3):
“I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me.”
“I am to my beloved” in repentance
and consummate desire
to return to my soul-root in God.
“And my beloved is to me”
with Divine expression of mercy of forgiveness.

Each of the last letters of the phrase is a Yod.
numerical value of 10 and together (4 x 10)
represent the 40 days Moishe was in the Heavens
asking for the God’s forgiveness.

Appropriately the letter Yod is the Letter
that permeates the entire month of Elul.

The Yod is the first letter of the Tetragrammaton,

G-d’s essential Name Havayah, the Name of Mercy.
All created form begins with this essential “point,”
of energy and life-force, the point of the letter Yod.
Likewise all of the scribal letters in the Torah
are first written beginning with a Yod.

The word yod means “hand.”
The yod of Elul is, in particular, the Left Hand,
the controller of the month’s Attribute,
the sense of action and rectification.

Yod relates to the Eternal Yid יהודי,
the essence of the Jewish soul,
which always yearns to connect to HaShem.

The Zodiac sign for Elul is Virgo
(Betulah, the Virgin)

virgo2 (copy)

The Betulah symbolizes God’s beloved bride, Israel,
the bride of the Song of Songs who says to her Groom
“I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me.

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