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Bunkerbomb Khamas’ Central Command Post HQ

Christian World (& Jewish Liberals) Must Face Reality

For the Christian world, your New Testament declares: “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.”

How you demand Israel to accept and make peace with attacks and dictates of Islamist terrorists today, you will be demanded next year or decade — by the very world and international law framework you are now creating — to accept and make peace with Muslim hordes now pouring through your borders, more illegally than legally, who will attack you using the same strategies and tactics — IEDs in your events, restaurants and buses and, finally, shooting at you, launching mortars from mosques, clinics, schools, hospitals and churches; the same tactics that they have been using in other parts of the world; the same tactics you are now demanding us to accept and make peace with — while our population is suffering under continuous missile attacks: convert to Islam or be killed / eradicated!

In Europe, even though these Islamist jihadist terrorists aren’t ready to implement all of these tactics on you yet, you’re already speaking out of both sides of your mouths: refusing to make peace with the Islamists’ dictates to convert — even while you demand Jews and Israel to do so! Look in the mirror at your hypocrisy that surpasses Biblical proportions!

Islamists Laugh at Western Shallowness While They Deceive and Manipulate You

Islamist jihadists, global terrorists, are manipulating you to frame the U.N., international law and the International Criminal Court at The Hague to force you into “making peace” with Sharia — rather than fire on the mosques, clinics, schools, hospitals and churches from which they will fire at you. Convert or die! “Make peace” with that! Each time Islamists attack from mosques, clinics, schools, hospitals and churches and are protected by the U.N.’s biased application of international law (driven by Islamic countries), they grow stronger; closer to dictating that choice to you. Convert or die! “Make peace” with that!

Examine yourselves that you aren’t ignoring complexities. Look up from your shallow apathy — texting, selfies, materialism and celeb idolatry — long enough to fact-check before signing petitions or joining a demonstration for popular, trendy liberalist demands concealing covert and insidious evil dislike of (bias against) Jews or Israel — miso-Judaism (popularly, but inaccurately, “anti-Semitism”). Are you making demands on Jews and Israel that you aren’t willing to uphold yourselves (“make peace with” converting to Islam or be eradicated), because that is miso-Judaic. Calling miso-Judaism by an Islamists’ euphemism (anti-Zionism or anti-Israeli policy) is no less evil.

Also, no less evil: are you apathetic in failing to take the time and effort to demonstrate in support of Jews and Israel defending ourselves from attack and eradication??? Your inaction to oppose evil makes you complicit in the evil that prevails. You will be called to account: what did you do, or decline to do?

Look at the nascent Islamic State (IS) knocking on your door through the hordes of Muslim immigrants pouring your countries. Islam seeks worldwide domination as a Caliphate. If you allow Islamists to force Islam and Sharia law on us, soon, you, too, will find yourselves under the threat of death if you infringe the terrorists’ Sharia law that they impose on you — confronting you with the same tactics that you now demand us to accept and make peace with.

If you, the world, don’t start doing some fact-checking and change direction from your shallow and simplistic miso-Judaism, and begin placing the blame and guilt where it belongs — on the predators who repeatedly attack Jews and Israel with the intent of eradicating Jews and Israel from the Middle East, instead of blindly following the Islamic hordes to scapegoat the Jewish and Israeli victims who are defending themselves from that annihilation, then you are tacitly licensing the Islamists, in the near future, to establish their military garrisons in your hospitals, mosques, churches, schools, UN facilities and the like. Then you’re cooked! When Islamists take over some clinic, school, hospital, mosque or church as their base and launch mortars throughout your city, what will you do other than what you’re now sanctimoniously vilifying Jews and Israel for doing?!? You need to set the precedent now that these historically off-limits precincts will not be permitted to be taken over by predators and used as military bases with impunity.

Media Culpability: Reporting Islamist-Distorted “News”

Media: if Islamist terrorists don’t permit you to report unbiasedly, then don’t report at all! Don’t become their media instrument of evil, complicit in their evil. Forego the lucre and fame and leave. When you’ve reached safety, report why you had to leave and that your life was at risk had you reported unbiasedly; report how the Islamists threaten journalists and stage, crop, edit, manipulate and pervert media reports to insidiously garner the support of world opinion. Become part of the solution instead of remaining their instrument of evil.

Is Khamas HQ al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City?

If Israeli Intel is as confident as various public reports that Khamas HQ is located beneath the hospital then it would be more merciful, for Gazans and Israelis, to evacuate al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City and turn it into a gaping crater in the ground, unilaterally imposing demilitarization and a permanent end to the conflict with Gaza. The hospital can be rebuilt under the supervision of international observers to ensure no terrorist post, much less HQ, is concealed in guarded secret chthonian caverns beneath it. Rebuilding one hospital is vastly cheaper than financing a war that has no end. The alternative is the droning-on forever of a war imposed by a hypocritical world (transforming victim into monster), which dooms both to endless killings and destruction — exactly the unending war of attrition that Islamists terrorists seek.

  1. First, of course, thoroughly and legally document a very public warning of patients, staff & civilians to evacuate the hospital and its environs.
  2. Offer medevac and alternate medical care from our border to Israeli hospitals. If al-Shifa Hospital is Khamas HQ, then it will be absolutely essential to provide medevac and alternate medical care for every one of its patients in Israeli (and Egyptian, if they are willing) hospitals.

I know: males and females between 14 and 70 need to be guarded or handcuffed to the bed to protect the safety of Israeli doctors and staff from attack by their Gazan patients. Moreover, there’s lots of injured Gazans receiving no medical care whatsoever in Gaza presently, and afraid of vengeance from Khamas if they seek medical treatment from the free Israeli mobile hospital set up specifically to care for injured Gazans on their border. That is exclusively on Khamas. There is nothing Israel can do to help that.

End the War For Relief to Both Gazans and Israelis

I know: the PR consequences of blowing a hospital is high risk. But, in this case, learning PR, and making some effort on PR offense, is revealing the humaneness of our need to defend ourselves existentially — with finality in the Gazan theater at least — while simultaneously ending Khamas’ barbarism. We are finally exposing the complexities and unbelievable barbarism of Islamist Machiavellian strategies, in a way that’s understandable at the gut level, to the world. We have a mountain of hard physical evidence, proof that Khamas is responsible for the atrocities happening to Gazans every day.

According to wide-ranging reports, Khamas has transformed al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City into a Khamas stronghold and military base roofed by a hospital of human shields — and, by most reports, Khamas’ underground command post. If Israel intel is as sure as most reporters that al-Shifa Hospital is the human shield roof over Khamas’ command center then the world can rebuild a hospital — without the underground warren of tunnels protecting the command post infrastructure of a nest of vipers beneath it — whereas, neither Gazans, nor Israelis nor the world can otherwise relieve the suffering of the Gazans and Israelis under the barbaric abuse of their Machiavellian Khamas rulers. Turn Khamas’ underground command post into a large hole in the dirt. Tunnels branching out of their HQ will then be easy to spot, secure and blow.

The intel derived could not only set back Khamas permanently (if this standard is adopted universally), it could enable Israel immeasurable insight into terrorist thinking and technology — which would be invaluable to the U.S. and European allies when they, in the not too distant future, find themselves in the same corner as we are now.

I know: Khamas leaders can flee while the civilians are being evacuated — we may have a shot at some of them (who may not be able to get out through the tunnels) then. But their underground warren of tunnels and central command post cannot flee. Their underground command infrastructure can be wiped out, dealing Khamas a coup de grâce approximating demilitarization; setting back Islamist jihadists’ designs on world conquest permanently (if this standard is adopted universally) and making Israel the go-to experts in defenses against world domination by the Taliban-like ISIL.

Administer the coup de grâce now. It’s the only merciful option that can end the Gazan existential threat to, and war of attrition against Israel that will continue to kill thousands of Gazans.

End the war and let the healing begin for Israelis and Gazans.

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Paqid Yirmᵊyahu (Ben-​David), Orthodox Jew & 16th Paqid of the Nᵊtzarim, dedicated to the historical, logical, archeological, scientific interpretations of Tanakh; B.Sc.B.A. (UF) and Master's work in computer science (artificial intelligence and knowledge based networks, UCF); former intelligence analyst (USAF); made aliya with his wife, Karen, (Law of Re­turn '85), served in the IDF (despite being age-exempt) and Israel Police Reserves, belonged to Or­thodox Yemenite syna­gogue 10 yrs in Ra'anana where they live today. In addition to the sole Netzarim website (, his commentaries have been published in magazines and newspapers from the Orlando Sentinel and Toronto Mensa to The Jerusalem Post, Times of Israel and Ynet. He has also authored many books available in the Netzarim website or Amazon; including: Who Are The Netzarim?, Atonement Under the Biblical 'New Covenant', The Netzarim Reconstruction of Hebrew Matityahu (NHM), The 1993 Covenant (of Daniel 9.27), Pishtah Kheihah (The Flickering-out Remnant, Yᵊshayahu 42.3) and The Mirrored Sphinxes (revealing Moses' Egyptian Pharaonic secret knowledge & symbolism for prayer and relating to the Divinity).
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