Enough About Iran Already!

Is it just me or is all of this constant talk about Iran getting tiresome.

I mean just how many current and former military and intelligence officials as well as pundits do we need to tell us that an Israeli strike on Iran would be ineffective and pointlessly risky before we start to recognise the truth of their words.

The Iranians certainly aren’t listening.

So while people set themselves on fire on the streets and more people are run over on those very same streets than are killed in terrorist atrocities our leader still prefaces every public speech he makes by going on about the danger being posed by Iran. A danger, which none of us can do a damned thing about.

I mean for crying out loud they’ve been expected to have a bomb within 12 months for 8 years now! If for nothing else than for the sake of our collective sanity can he PLEASE either bomb the crap out of them (thereby setting them back by a few years at most) or let it go to the bigger, wider and more powerful shoulders of the Americans.

But I guess I have a grudging understanding of why our leader keeps banging on about the Iranian bomb, even while he keeps shtum about the 15,000 Iranian soldiers fighting for Assad. It’s because of our fears about them getting the bomb that we sat back and watched Bibi let the best chance he’ll ever have to do some good as Prime Minister slip away with Kadima and then listened quietly while he told us all about the perils of Iran even as people were setting themselves alight on the streets.

I mean really, a few years ago we all woke up to find out that the IAF had bombed a nuclear reactor in Syria. There had been no war drum banging, there had been no official announcements about the threat to the region we faced froom the Syrians, we simply woke up to find out that we had bombed them. Is Bibi really going to spend years warning the Iranians to ready their defences because we are coming…at some point…in a couple of years maybe. I mean COME ON!

Yeah I know that the security situation will always take the headlines and it will always be a worry that sits in our hearts but we should never forget that a worry is all it remains for the vast majority of us. Our security services are the best in the world and while we put our faith in them to aid us when we need them there are other policies which public criticism can change, not to mention action.

So I urge people to bear in mind the other issues that will continue to affect us all (even while Sinai Bedouin practise their own form of self immolation on our borders) such as the continuing rise in the price of living as well as the fact that the Tal Law has already come to an end and we still have nothing to replace it.

Did anyone even notice that it just came to an end and the Knesset still have no idea what to replace it with?

From August 1st every male of military age should have been called up for duty and will continue to be until new legislation is passed in the Knesset (whether they actually are all being called up is another matter entirely).

There’s more to Israel than Iran and I live in hope that at some point our glorious leader will stop going on about them the whole time and if not let me live in peace at least allow me to have my coronary that way!

About the Author
Marc Goldberg is the author of Beyond the Green Line, a story his service in the IDF fighting through the al Aqsa Intifada