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Entering Cornobyl

Some of you have seen the HBO hit mini-series Chernobyl. There is a newer, invisible threat – entering Cornobyl.

I know it’s a bad play with words and Chernobyl was a result of a design-flaw kept secret and the disaster was man-made.

The Corona-outbreak was not a design-flaw, but it was kept secret for a while in China and the disaster that followed was man-made in the sense that we all ran around in the dark like blind bats, trying to find a way to combat this plague.

Samples taken from sewage-water, blood and hair shows that Corona was with us before the outbreak in China – as early as December 2019 in Italy according to Forbes, BBC and The Guardian. So let’s just debunk the utter lie that it was produced in a Chinese laboratory and yeah, you know the story…

But what happens when you start to loosen up? What happens when you are tired of being lonely or yearn for having that swim in that nice pool? What happens when you have a public holiday in a small town, where there is one major employer and everyone does grocery- and alcohol-shopping at the same time because this major holiday needs to be celebrated as if there was no tomorrow?

An outbreak happens which devastates an entire county with ~40.000 inhabitants. This county is twice the size of Israel. Yet being so sparsely populated, the virus still managed to spread in record speed during the last days. It has been nothing less than a man-made disaster. Because people made it by congregating, not taking any precautions and act defiant – as if nothing has happened.

An inhabitant summed it up quite ironic: “We had an earthquake recently, we moved an entire city and old houses 10 kilometers south – moving complete buildings and setting up a new community so the iron ore mine could continue to give us work. No one gave a fuck about our achievements, but now when we fuck up completely then we finally get our five minutes of fame on TV. I want to congratulate the whole town for this epic achievement!”.

And now, when entering a town under complete lockdown, with only emergency vehicles and helicopters circling the area and moving forth and back – it gets really Chernobylesque. Watching the liquidators cleaning and sanitizing every area and public announcements made to stay inside – it completes the picture. Suddenly this mining town God had since long forgotten, is suddenly the focus of the entire society’s spectrum of action. Media, hospitals, police, the home defence, social workers, water engineers, electricians, cleaners, helicopter pilots – everyone is there.

And as soon as it came, it will be gone with the wind again – marking hundreds of unnecessary deaths that will be forgotten in the dark sea of death tolls across the globe.

There is no opening up and slowly returning to normal. That simply doesn’t exist. In every single case of re-opening – there has been a rise of viral infections. We can’t return to our lives as we knew it. The sooner we find acceptance for that – the easier it will be to live our new lives. Until a vaccine has arrived. That’s the only way out of it – herd immunity doesn’t work in this case. In a study published yesterday by the Swedish medical research company AstraZeneca – who by the way has come furthest in developing a vaccine, only 2% of those contracted with Corona has built up antibodies.

These antibodies are the key to the vaccine. Whoever develops a vaccine first, or second or third – needs to mass-produce it and distribute it quicker than ever IF we ever are going to return to “normal”.

On the up-side global polution has drastically reduced – hence reducing the number of deaths connected to air pollution and lung diseases. That’s something.

Stay safe, wear your mask, wear your plastic face cover, wash your hands and for the love of God don’t congregate. If you have to travel, be sure to be 100% healthy and have full self-responsibility for your actions. It could be what in the end saves a life. Thus saving an entire world.

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