Epcot Palestine Pavilion Caught Smuggling In Weapons

Bay Lake, Florida, October 1 РDisney World management displayed an array of weapons confiscated from the Palestine exhibit at Epcot Center Wednesday, saying they had been interdicted after intelligence reports that the Palestine personnel were planning attacks on neighboring pavilions.

Security staff and a representative of the local police department cordoned off the Palestine pavilion at midday Wednesday and raided the facility, a reconstruction of a refugee camp alongside a lavish mansion. They emerged 15 minutes later holding crates of ammunition, several rocket launchers, and more than thirty firearms of various sizes, including two sniper rifles.

A representative of Disney Security told reporters the weapons had been concealed in newly delivered kitchen equipment for the production and presentation of knaffeh, a traditional Palestinian sweet. Acting on an anonymous tip, the agents conducted the raid and seized the contraband before it could be dispersed and better hidden.

A representative of the Palestinian staff denied any wrongdoing. “This scandal is nothing but a slander perpetrated by Zionists seeking to discredit the resistance,” insisted Jamal Barghouti, whose duties include distributing free knaffeh when news reports indicate misfortune befalling Israelis. “Unable to suppress the righteous cause at home, they must resort to pathetic libels abroad.”

Like most of the other exhibits in the World Showcase section of the theme park, the Palestine pavilion is not run directly by the government of the country it represents. Rather, it is a project of private businesses affiliated with the home country, and several citizens of that country are granted special visa status to work on location in order to lend the exhibit greater authenticity. In the case of the Palestine pavilion, the employees regale visitors with stories of their forebears who had the run of the entire theme park until the Jews came and confined them to one corner of it.

The security cordon has barred visitors from the site, rendering them unable to participate in activities such as spraying anti-Israel graffiti on the walls of the refugee camp structures and watching as the senior members of the Palestinian staff freely pocket large percentages of the cash revenue from product sales.

Security declined to disclose the suspected target of the weapons, and refused to address rumors that they would be used against Jewish visitors to the park.

Germany EpcotThe incident comes on the heels of a similar scandal last year, when employees at the Germany pavilion confessed to planning an invasion and conquest of the Norway and France sections. After initially voicing fierce objections, the French personnel offered to surrender.

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