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Eric Holder Joins Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’

“I have a certain status as the former attorney general. A certain familiarity as the first African-American attorney general. There’s a justified perception that I’m close to President Obama. So I want to to use whatever skills I have, whatever notoriety I have, to be effective in opposing things that are, at the end of the day, just bad for the country.”
—Eric Holder, June 20, 2017

Barack Obama’s former chief law enforcement officer has joined the Resistance here in America. He has joined his successor, Loretta Lynch, who stated in March 2017, “We have always had to work to move this country forward to achieve the great ideals of our Founding Fathers. They’ve marched, they’ve bled, yes some of them have died. This is hard. Everything good is. We have done this before; we can do this again.”

Dealing with the lesser consequential first, I believe that Ms. Lynch might be mixing her history up a bit. I suspect she may be melding in some Einstein-like time-space continuum the American Founding Fathers of the 18th Century who certainly risked their “…Lives, [our] Fortunes, and [our] sacred Honor,” with the iconic heroes of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s some of whom certainly marched, bled and died to bring equality to African Americans who were promised that by Republican President Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder – among others – encapsulate the incompetence and abuses that some associate with the eight years of the Obama administration. They do not get much attention now in The Age of Trump because the Democrat Party and the Press have elected to pay it little attention in order to protect the legacy of the First African American President which the former attorney general feels compelled to remind us of as often as humanly possible.

Ms. Lynch presided over the bungled “investigation” (oh, scratch that; it’s “matter” in today’s lexicon) of the Hillary Clinton email affair and the total lack of attention that was paid by either the Department of Justice, the President or any other arm of government into the distressing nexus of State Department business with the affairs of the Clinton “Foundation” and the speaking engagements of former President Bill Clinton.

Further, despite the flimsy explanations provided by Ms. Lynch and every single Obama defender on Earth, the secretive appearance of Bill Clinton in a Phoenix hanger on her Government-provided jet a week before the now-disgraced FBI Director James Comey announced that no charges would be pursued against the Democrat opposing Trump, will always linger suspiciously in the histories of the three protagonists.

But Ms. Lynch’s manipulations of the Hillary Clinton “matter”, her destruction of Saint Comey’s character and her time-bending entreaties to send “Resistors” into the streets to march, bleed and die to oppose Donald Trump, pale in comparison to her mentor. Barack Obama’s pal. One of the most biased, least independent lawyers to every lead the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, who received his BA from Columbia in 1973 and his JD in 1976.

Let us remember, just momentarily, what was going on at Columbia during Holder’s undergraduate years. This is difficult to conceive in the affluence of 2017, although there are occasional flashbacks that occur today. A radical left-wing group, Students for a Democratic Society (“SDS”), primarily opposed to the War in Vietnam, had taken hold on many college campuses.

Columbia had become one of the “capitals” of the New Left and the SDS chapter at the University headed by Mark Rudd, like Jane Fonda’s ex-Tom Hayden, became an “anti-hero”. In 1968, Holder participated in an occupation of the ROTC office, renaming it as a student center in honor of Malcolm X. Rudd moved the SDS into a more militant direction that same year, forming the “Weathermen”, a self-proclaimed “organization of communist men and women”.

Contemporaneously, Bill Ayers, based in Chicago, was becoming a prominent national figure in the SDS and Weathermen movement. Given Holder’s activism at Columbia, the relatively small size of the student body and the even smaller segment of students who were willing to seize campus facilities, it is difficult to conceive that Holder had had no contact or exposure to Rudd.

Is it sheer coincidence that Barack Obama happened to have a close personal relationship with Bill Ayers who, despite dismissing their relationship as “a guy who lives in my neighborhood”, served on a number of charitable and educational boards with him in Chicago and hosted a campaign event in 1995 for his state senate run?

Despite the immaculate suits and law degrees, both men (Holder in particular) were weaned during a period when Leftist radicalism was ascendant, was feared by the Democratic mainstream, became increasingly violent, more openly “communist” – almost Sharia-like in terms of what it required of its adherents.

That belief system does not fall away easily. It became interwoven with the more radical elements of black nationalism, not denying the power and charisma of Martin Luther King, Jr., but impatient with the slow progress of his nonviolent dogma and lured by the fire and rejection of integration preached by Malcolm X.

It is an easy transition to the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago where the Rev. Jeremiah Wright preached a mixture of “black theology” and “Africentrism” which was perceived by many as racist and anti-American. That remains the subject of some controversy, but the fact remains that the Obamas attended the church for twenty years, were married by the Rev. Wright, but contended that his fiery sermons were unknown to them.

At best, this admission was disingenuous by candidate Obama. Worse, it was an outright lie. A habit he seems to share with his former attorney general.

Eric Holder’s abuses of power are too numerous to mention. He is the only attorney general ever to be held in Contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena. The subpoena related to a program often called “Fast and Furious” here in America. A more appropriate appellation would have been “Dumb and Dumber”. Which would be funny ordinarily except people were murdered.

The program permitted guns sold in the US to “walk” into Mexico in the hopes that the weapons could be tracked into the hands of drug cartel members who would then be arrested. But gun sales were not adequately tracked, a Border Patrol officer named Brian Terry was murdered by one of these weapons, and 150 Mexican civilians have been killed or wounded by guns associated with the program. No drug cartel members have been arrested.

It is estimated that 2,000 weapons were sent into Mexico under Holder’s supervision. AK-47’s, .50 caliber sniper rifles, .38 caliber revolvers and FN 5.7 mm handguns. 389 weapons have been recovered in the US, 276 in Mexico. The rest remain on the streets.

Eric Holder has no clue what is good or bad for this country or any other. He hasn’t since he was an undergraduate at Columbia occupying a ROTC office on campus. His fellow traveler, Mr. Obama, conferred upon him an inordinate amount of power which he abused at the expense of his fellow citizens and those of our neighbor, Mexico.

Eric Holder wants to join the “resistance”? Of course, he does! He was a member when he was a teenager, he was a member when he assisted Clinton in his last-minute pardon of Marc Rich; when he wanted to move terrorism prosecutions from military to civilian courts conferring constitutional protections to detainees; when he opposed photo ID’s to vote; when he sued Arizona because they claimed the Federal government was not enforcing border security; when he refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act which was Federal law; when he turned a blind eye to the establishment of “sanctuary” cities where illegal immigrants were harbored from deportation; when he surveilled reporters investigating Fast and Furious and the Benghazi affairs; and, when the power of the IRS was used to suppress the rights of political opponents to contribute to efforts to defeat his pal for a second term.

He’s going to use his “notoriety” to oppose things that are bad for the country? The bad qualities or deeds that earned Mr. Holder his notoriety have already done more than enough, thank you.


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