Islamic Jihad tries to drag Hamas, and Israel, into escalation | The Times of Israel 

Escalation: An increase in the intensity or seriousness of something; an intensification:  (Oxford Dictionary)

Rather than view escalation as an undesirable consequence, the unwarranted intrusion of even more violence and enmity upon both sides here, it might be better to regard such intensification as something of an asset instead. It could actually be a key element in the search for peace between all those seeking a speedy and discernible end to the conflict.

Naturally, this all depends on just how far everyone is prepared to move the overall situation. By directing it to take a course very different from the one that past and present factors have long established, a new vista opens up that guarantees success in whatever outcome there might be. This is certain and, no matter what powerful forces still exist to frustrate such a development, the problem terminates in a manner far more rapid and surprising than anything ever previously conceived or contemplated.

For too many of us, the way ahead remains unclear, its path dark and full of foreboding. Some of its dangers are familiar but many more remain unknown. To travel such a route wisely and without serious mishap requires a degree of foresight and confidence so often missing from the times in which we live and the customs by which we abide.

Let us create new times therefore. And new customs.



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