Et tu, Bolte?

Who would have thought that someone like him would go “all-emo”?

John Bolton is a walrus mustached, admired (among hawkish conservatives) advisor, analyst, author. A graduate of Yale University and Yale Law School, he worked at several powerful law firms, served as U.S. Ambassador to United Nations. He was a speaker at many think tanks and conferences. In April, 2018 President Trump selected him to serve as National Security Advisor, a position which gave him access to the inner workings of the current administration. In September, 2019 Trump fired him.

And there he was on ABC News four months before the upcoming 2020 presidential election with infamous weepy Hillary mourner, Martha Raddatz, promoting his book ”The Room Where it Happened” in which he criticizes and mocks the president in cruel, self-serving terms.

Ironically (for him) his moment in the sun came within days of the Trump campaign’s announcement that 1,000,000 people had sought to register for the president’s upcoming Tulsa, OK rally.

John Bolton thought he was taking down a tyrant.

He should have read a Marvel Comic.

Yes, Trump (like Marvel heroes) is flawed.  He has a temper, weaknesses, can be thin-skinned but he was fundamentally right about the problems in America and worked tirelessly to fix them

If anyone wants to know the real Trump they should see the 2016 news clip in which he accompanies Dr. Ben Carlson, retired neurosurgeon, now Secretary of Housing and Urban Development when they visited  Carson’s childhood Detroit home. Trump looked around and said something about property values rising in the neighborhood.  That is Trump.  He wants everyone to have a piece of the American dream.

Then, there’s John Bolton.

He probably looked at the Queens, NY real estate developer and thought “I should be in that chair!”

But Bolton wasn’t in the chair, Trump was. Trump defeated 17 Republican contenders to win the 2016 Republican nomination, then beat sure-thing, well-financed, slam-dunk Hillary Clinton.

(Trump’s victory still rankles among many Democrats, apparently now Bolton included.)

Bolton says that the House and Senate “missed” impeachable offenses.

If so, then why, if he had personal knowledge of the same, did he continue to work for Trump?

Bolton seems to have forgotten what happened to the historical Brutus.  

Brutus thought he would be celebrated as a hero. The public thought otherwise. When Octavian took power, Brutus was forced to flee.  Trapped, he committed suicide. His name is synonymous with treachery, betrayal and treason.  

Caesar has a month named after him.

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