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EU Can Have HAMAS babysitters

On Listing Hamas as a Terror Organization

Or: When the European Union High Court Buckled At The Knees.

Islamic State vs. Hamas political cartoon by laughzilla
What Would You Do?

The EU High Court ruled on Wednesday that Hamas should no longer be considered as a terrorist organization.

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That one might support or oppose such a move is obvious. One either believes that it is acceptable, legitimate and legal to target, attack, kidnap, maim, torture and kill people who are considered off-limits by the laws of war, or one believes that those actions are unacceptable, illegitimate and illegal.

Earlier this year, I wrote a piece that was published in this publication, about why the West may as well raise the white flag of surrender to Islamic jihad, thanks in large part to the utter failure of the United States to stand up to Islamist terror, when it mattered most. Now it appears, it’s Europe’s turn to follow suit.

That the EU High Court would make this move based on technical procedures, rather than factual ones, speaks highly of the complete disconnect from reality which is enjoyed by the European Union’s judiciary system, namely, its highest court. The EU High Court made the ruling, claiming that it was reversing the political decision made years ago, during the Second Intifada, because the label had been applied as a result of internet reporting and other fact-finding to which it objects.

Apparently, the hundreds of dead bodies and thousands of wounded and harmed people, mostly civilians going about their peaceful lives, were not sufficient bodies of evidence for the EU High Court to call Hamas a terrorist organization. Nor, apparently, are the thousands upon thousands of rockets and mortars fired indiscriminately at Israel and people in Israel for over a decade, be they at home, at school, at work, or elsewhere, by Hamas and its minions, enough to consider Hamas as a bunch of terrorists. Nor were the so-called “terror tunnels” which Hamas dug under the border with Israel for the sole purpose of terrorizing people living peacefully along the Israel-Gaza border, enough to call Hamas a terror organization. And of course, the dozens, nay, hundreds of terror attacks on buses, cars, wedding halls, cafes, bars, nightclubs and other public spaces that were assaulted by bombs, guns and knives under the guise of “political resistance”, were not evidence enough for these ultra neo post-modernist, socialist judges to continue calling Hamas out for what they are: A bunch of bloodthirsty terrorists, bent on destroying the one representative democracy (warts and all) in the Middle East.

Of course the irony is that Israel respects international laws and judiciaries, even when it has legitimate diplomatic disagreements with them that it peacefully lobbies one way or another, and Hamas considers the EU and its High Court to be ruled by infidels who should be “dhimmified” (to make into a sort of indentured servant with no rights and only the ability to bribe one’s way through the endless obstacles confronting non-Muslims in Muslim-occupied territories) for a certain period of time, and then whose blood should be spilled by Hamas jihadists, unless they convert to Islam.

As it were, one might excuse such a decision to relent on the labelling of Hamas as a terror group, or even find it to be long overdue, if one were to share the belief that there was ever a nation called the Palestine (hint: there has never been such a country). One might also support such a move if one believed that the so-called Palestinians (a term used to define all people living in “Palestine” Jews, Christians and Muslims until the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948), were a people who had suffered a historical injustice at the hands of the Jews and other people of Israel in 1948, and again in 1967. However, the only historical injustice that the Muslims of “Palestine” ever suffered, was at the hands of their own leaders; namely, the dictators who ruled Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and just about every other Middle East and Muslim nation at the time, including Sudan. Those leaders made the strategic to try to deny Israel’s existence, despite nearly 2,000 years of wandering the Earth following the second Exodus of Jews from Israel, at the hands of the Roman empire.

One might also believe that such a move were appropriate, because the “Palestinians” have the right to use any means necessary to achieve their parochial political goals, including lying, cheating, stealing from and murdering innocent civilians, in the name of “legitimate resistance”.

Legitimate resistance? Harrumph! Balderdash. What a bunch of hooey. Little could be farther from the truth. The only legitimate resistance the Palestinians enjoy is the same legitimate resistance any other people or nation enjoy: The right to self-defence, peaceful political protest and diplomacy. What the Palestinians do not enjoy, is the right to use offensive violence that quite literally seeks to terrorize, and ultimately exterminate the Jews in their own historical homeland. And it does so by taking its orders “from God” through the Koran. Mind you, the Koran is itself a piece of literature rife with its spiritual leader and prophet, Mohamed, and his adventures in lying, cheating, stealing, and killing, as well as sexually molesting a young girl, whom he took as one of his wives.

And what about their legitimate religious aspirations? Again, that’s a crock. The Koran, for all its depth, covers the matter of Mecca and Medina as its holiest places quite thoroughly. And despite the Muslim myth of Mohamed ascending to the Heavens above in a chariot atop the Jewish Temple Mount, that same Koran makes absolutely no mention of Jerusalem, let alone calls it a place to revere. In fact, Jerusalem is the spiritual homeland of Jews and Christians, and both of those religions clearly consider it to be holy and require their people to respect the city and its holy places. Of course, how Christians and Jews respect Jerusalem differs. Yet the Dark Ages of Christianity are long over, and that religions has clearly evolved and transformed into one which widely embraces a more peaceful modus operandi.

However, that the EU High Court would choose to remove Hamas from the list of terrorist organization, is the height of modern judiciary grotesque hypocrisy, arson, and delusional psychopathic macabre fantasy. And to prove it, there is one acronym, or actually three, that all mean the same thing, and make this accusation against the EU High Court eminently clear: ISIL, ISIS, IS.

That’s right. The so-called Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, aka: The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, aka: The Islamic State, quite handily proves the illegitimacy and illegality of removing HAMAS from the list of terrorist organizations.

“How so?” one might wonder.

Well, consider the fact that Hamas and ISIS both basically share the exact same ideology. Both are made up entirely of Sunni Muslims. Both claim to be charitable to their poor, faithful subjects. Both freely use extremist propaganda and religious radicalism to imbue their followers with nothing short of a bloody zeal. Both ISIS and Hamas preach, as values to uphold and cherish, the use of violence and ill-gotten gains, as well as ruse, theft, kidnap, torture, and murder. Both allow, promote and inculcate the oppression of women, the beating of servants, and the dehumanization of anyone they call a “dhimmi” (anyone who does not believe what they believe and is allowed to live in their midst). They also share the belief that anyone who does not believe what they believe is an infidel. They believe, quite literally, that in the Apocalypse they seek, the rocks and trees will call out to faithful Muslims to “kill every Jew” who might happen to be hiding behind said stone or arbor.

Both of these crazy groups believe it is good and necessary to inculcate hate into the hearts and minds of their youngest children, using the worst forms of propaganda, lies, and again, brutal violence on a scale that no child should ever witness, let alone be forced to carry out as a rite of initiation. They do this because they know that children are the most easily influenced, and can become their most dangerous assets. And they do this because they know that if they try solely to convince adults of their ways, they would be laughed out of the room, were it not for their weapons and their lust to use them for any reason, “in the name of God and Mohamed”.

These wackaloons, nay, these mentally ill and emotionally sick people also hold in high praise the notion that it is perfectly legitimate to conduct negotiations, even at the highest levels of diplomacy, knowing that they are lying and have absolutely no intention of honouring any agreement they reach, because God told them to.

Also, both Hamas and ISIS believe it is perfectly OK to parade their captives in front of the nations of the world, on television and the Internet, all while spewing religious rants and the usual list of grievances which they usually have no one better to blame than themselves.

Let’s get this straight: Hamas and ISIS are killers and thugs. They are a classic organised crime syndicate. They make the Mafia seem like playground bullies. Hamas and ISIS are so ideologically beyond the pale, that they almost make Charles Manson seem like just a nice, if troubled, misunderstood lad, whom society should forgive, embrace and welcome back into civilised society.

Or to put it another way: You and your spouse have to go to a dinner party and leave your kids with the babysitter. If you had no other choice, with whom would you feel more comfortable leaving behind to look after your children? A member of the Israel Defence Forces, a member of ISIS, or a member of HAMAS?

One might fear having an EU High Court judge even more.

“That’s crazy!” some will say. “Of course it would be more dangerous to leave your kids in the hands of ISIS or Hamas, than with an EU High Court judge.”

Is it?

At least the members of ISIS and Hamas have their ideological convictions, and are not swayed as easily by ignorant popular opinion as the EU High Court.

Full disclosure: When not penning thoughts about the events of politics and injustice, Yasha Harari has spread the best medicine, humor, for free to millions of people, written music and composed songs, performed in front of millions of people, built and torn down homes and invested in music, the internet, media and political organizations in the U.S., Europe and Israel.

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