EU, Islamism, and the outlook of the US election

If we start with Islam in Europe, after the  arrival of Khomeini’s political Islam in Iran, Khomeinists in conjunction with other Islamists such as the Muslim Brotherhood started a well coordinated effort to export political Islam to Europe. Their strategy consisted of three main elements: fear, creating reality on the ground, providing economic   incentives for European countries and giving European politicians political cover by creating the false dichotomy of moderate vs radical Islamists.

The first thing these two evil Islamist sects did was to assassinate important political opponents inside and outside their borders. They even brutally decapitated and dismembered their opponents in Western countries to silence their Muslim opponents, as well as create fear in Western societies.

They also tried to create social and political reality in Europe by causing as well as supporting mass migration of Muslims to Europe abusing existing liberal laws and humanitarian attitudes in European societies.

Meanwhile, by sending various delegations to trade with Western countries, they worked hard to create economic incentives for Europe to ignore or at least tolerate their activities. Using economic incentives they also started to export and insert terrorists under the guise of experts to European institutions in various fields.

Knowing well that economic incentives, although extremely important to the various European governments,  by itself, over the long term would not be enough, they also tried to create political cover for European politicians by creating the false narrative  of moderate vs radical Islamists hence giving European politicians a political cover.

Religious scholars know very well that there is a common denominator between Khomeini’s Shiite sect and the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood sect: anti-West and anti-Semitism as using taqiyya to hide their true sentiments and intensions.

Many in the European governments  know very well, that the roots of Islamists, whether Shiite or Sunni, are in Khomeinism, and without a pro-terrorist government, money and terrorism cannot be exported to other countries. They know that without her strong state intelligence organization and money, terrorism cannot be exported to other countries.

Yet most European politicians and governments, try to ignore this fact and by doing that they try to justify their misguided policies of inaction and tolerance of radical Islamists. Misguided policies that for many  years underestimated the problem of Islamists and ignored the growing problem.

But European politicians and governments are still not even willing to admit their mistakes and apologize to their own people. They constantly justify their own inactions. Now the situation is out of control and people in Europe are terrified. What is clear is that the principle of politics and statehood has gone astray.

US election and President Trump.

This US presidential elections, which is unique in the history of the United States.

What is clear in this election is that the Democratic Party, with Mr. Joe Biden as its nominee not only does not have any specific program and faces two major internal problems. One is the chaos in their own ranks: the anarchists and the far left have taken it hostage and the other is the problem of the party’s relations with China. These two issues themselves indicate that the Democratic Party is in need of a change and major overhaul..

On the other hand, President Trump and the Republican Party has a specific domestic, foreign and economic policy and program, facing extreme opposition by the leftist and globalist news agencies and newspapers in America and Europe. This is exposes the great weakness of Mr. Joe Biden and the Democratic party. Democrats Are trying to counter this by stigmatizing Trump and his supporters and scare people by setting fire to shops, with the aid of BLM and Antifa, and any person or politician who criticizes chaos is condemned to racism.

The main players in this election in the United States are the excessive power of left-wing news outlets and media and pro-globalists, who are obviously brainwashing their supporters against Trump twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. The objectivity and neutrality of the media doesn’t exist anymore.

The atmosphere is so malignant that if someone is happy with Trump’s political agenda, he does not even dare to say so, or he would be immediately humiliated, or he would be silenced. You are less likely to see in these news outlets and magazines any reference to the President Trumps achievements.

Europe and their medias are also unwilling to address the mistakes of their own politicians and governments over the past four decades. Europe’s biggest problem is influx of Islamists into most European countries, Which is creating fear in citizens. European citizens no longer feel safe from Islamists terrorist attacks.

At least the American people themselves know best what the Trump administration’s greatest achievements are in four years, despite facing the Chinese coronavirus; lowering unemployment and creating more jobs, bringing American companies back into the country, the state of the stock market, and effective foreign policy. The historical peace between the Arab countries and Israel and severely limiting the terrorist regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran ability to interfere in the Middle East and are clear examples of Trump’s effective policies.

On the other hand, Twitter and Facebook, which consider themselves the leaders of the United States because they claim that we are the ones who rule the world, use their own interpretation of the freedom of expression to fact-check any messages, which they do not agree with. They have even gone so far as that the use of Twitter is open to the terrorist and antisemitic leader of Islamic Republic of Iran Ali Khamenei  under banner of freedom of expression, but to delete President Trump’s tweet??!!

This inappropriate move speaks of an immoral and illegal Chinese globalist, and they are the ones who measure freedom of expression. Is anti-Trump propaganda freedom of speech but support for Trump’s policy violates freedom of expression?

What is clear is that the world is changing and the unfettered Globalism has reached the end of the line. Many people around the globe have come realize that opaque politics and baseless propaganda are no longer possible. Citizens can no longer pay for the incompetence of politicians and their mistakes. The world needs peace and tranquility.

About the Author
Fred Saberi is a Swedish political analyst of Iranian origin interested in Middle East affairs.
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