Europe! Enough Said

The European Commission and European Union foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton just recently issued a report card to Israel under the guise of the European Neighborhood Policy Report, criticizing her over a myriad of issues from supposed “settler” violence in “occupied Arab territory” to women’s rights.

In her assessment of Israel’s policies, Ashton utilizes terms such as “discriminatory,” “excessive use of Administrative detention,” as well as “social rights hampered by restriction of movement.” Not surprisingly, no suggestion is given as to Israel’s need to tailor its policies in accordance to its daily battle against Arab terrorism.
A classic example of “look who’s calling the kettle black.”

Finding it repulsive to defend ourselves to the home of the largest Jewish mass graveyard following a pattern of persecution over nearly two millennia, and rather than go through the tedium of refuting each point of this report – though easy enough, I prefer to reciprocate in kind and issue Europe a report card for their own perusal.

In the interest of brevity, I’ll simply get down to the facts.

315 -Constantine the Great established “Christianity” as the State religion throughout the Roman Empire, issuing many anti-Jewish laws.
613 -Persecution of the Jews in Spain. All Jews who refused to be baptized were expelled. A few years later the remaining Jews were dispossessed,declared as slaves and given to pious “Christians” of position. All children 7 years or over were taken from their parents and given to receive a “Christian” education.
626 -Jews expelled from France
694 -Jews of Spain, forced to choose between slavery and conversion
1046 -Crusaders wreak havoc on Jewish communities throughout Germany and France
1121 -Jews driven out of Flanders (now part of Belgium).
1130 -The Jews of London had to pay compensation of 1 million marks for allegedly killing a sick man.
1144 -Blood libel against Jews of Norwich, England
1180 -King Philip Augustus imprisons and ransoms the entire Jewish population of France.
1189 -At the coronation of Richard the Lionhearted, persecution of the Jews break out. Most Jewish houses in London were burned, and many Jews killed. All possessions of the Jews were claimed by the Crown. Richard’s successor alone, relieved the Jews of more than 8 million marks.
1215 -At the IV Lateran Church Council, restrictions against the Jews by the church of Rome were issued.
1235 -Blood libel against the German Jews. Jews flee to Poland.
1298 -Persecution of the Jews in Franconia, Bavaria and Austria.
1287 -Edward I imprisons and ransoms 3000 Jews and in 1290, he expels the Jews from England.
1321 -Jews were accused of having incited outlaws to poison wells and fountains in the district of Guienne, France. 5,000 Jews were burned at the stake.
1348 -Jews were blamed for the plague throughout Europe, especially in Germany.
1370 -Jews were blamed for having defiled the “Host” (wafer used in the Mass) in Brabant. The accused were burned alive. Again, all Jews were banned from Flanders and until the year 1820, every 15 years a feast was kept to celebrate the event.
1391 -Persecutions in Spain. In Seville and 70 other Jewish communities, the Jews were massacred and their bodies dismembered.
1394 -Second banishment of Jews from France.
1453 -The Franciscan monk, Capistrano, persuaded the King of Poland to withdraw all citizens’ rights of the Jewish people.
1478 -Spanish Inquisition, officially ending in 1808. Hundreds of thousands of Jews burned at the stake. Many Jews flee to Poland.
1492 -Official banishment of Jews from Spain.
1516 -Venice – The origination of the ghetto where Jews were confined to a separate island near Venice that was called “Nuova” till 1797.
1544 -Martin Luther urges followers to set fire to Jewish synogogues and calls to forbid Judaic studies under the threat of death.
1555 -Pope Paul IV declares that the Jews condemned by God, do not deserve to be recipients of “Christian love.”
1700’s -Over one million Jews flee to Russia though they are prohibited to live inside the cities. “Shtetel” life begins.
1846-78-All former restriction, against the Jews in the Vatican State were re-enforced by Pope Pius IX.
1880’s -Russian pogroms
1881 -The church organizes a series of articles accusing Jews of blood libel. It spreads throughout Europe.
1881 -France – Jewish army officer, Alfred Dryfus wrongly accused and convicted of espionage. The French populace lusting for his blood, he is left to rot for years in jail even after the real culprit was apprehended.
1903 -Renewed restrictions of Jews in Russia. Frequent pogroms (massacres); general impoverishment of Russian Jewry.
1933 -Commencement of persecution of Jews in Hitler’s Germany. Inception of the systematic destruction of 6,000,000 Jews throughout Nazi-occupied Europe -with the complicity of the citizens throughout Europe.
1939 -England blocks the Jews from fleeing to Palestine.
2012 -Holocaust denial throughout Europe.
Efforts to compare Israel’s policies to the crimes of the Nazis.

Enough said.

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