European governments to blame for how the killing of Eden Atias was possible

Hussein Jawadra kills Eden Atias on a bus from Nazareth to Tel Aviv. The terror has happened again. A young Israeli Jew killed by a young Palestinian Arab. For this, I as a European blame the indifference of European countries which are supporting the Palestinian Authority (PA) and indirectly its machinery of hate.

The tragic hate crime occurred on a bus in which Arabs and Jews travelled together sitting next to each other.

The first that strikes me is that this really is yet another thorn in the eye on those who are manufacturing lies about the so called Israeli Apartheid. The murder could not have happened  like this if Israel was an Apartheid state. All of us who support Israel can be sad over the horrible murder of a young Israeli citizen by a young Arab Palestinian but we can all be proud that Israel is a light in the world and has never been an Apartheid state unlike many neighboring countries.


The second thing that strikes me is the world is almost silent about this hate crime in Israel. Why do not  leaders of European countries like my country Sweden react on this and condemn this act of terror and hate? Maybe because they know they are indirectly guilty of the crime of not only letting it happen but of the crime of feeding the hate towards Israel that causes these fatal and destructive actions.


The EU provides the PA with millions of dollars each year.  It keeps the PA running and thereby also its machinery of hatred towards Jews and Israel. This have to stop! We Europeans have to stop it! I have written op-eds before about this and I hope it is the last time I write about it.


The root to what happened is that the Arabs under the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are fed hate towards Jews from very early age. The Palestinian Authority TV and Hamas media are just some of the proofs of that. And the PA and Hamas are not alone in spreading the hate. In 2010 Swedish Aid Agency SIDA sponsored an exhibition of photos of graffiti glorifying terrorism against Israel. The exhibition was open for children to watch in Israel, in Gaza and even in Sweden. This could not only damage future coexistence between Jews and Arabs but it also damages young Arab individuals’ right to live a life without being taught hate by the school and the society. Hateful environments are unhealthy.


When European countries support the building of schools  or providing financial support to education for Arabs in Gaza and the P A we should demand that those schools follow a strict democratic and antiracist curriculum, the same as we teach our children at home.


We need to reevaluate why our European countries provide aid to a Palestinian leadership that is not interested in coexistence with Israel, that is not interested in democratic values and rights for its own people and that is not improving in any way.


Now is the time to say to our governments that we have had enough! We in Europe who understand the importance of supporting Israel and not supporting undemocratic forces like Hamas and Fatah need to act to stop the hate. If there had been tougher conditions from the EU in order to be provided aid I think we could have stopped the stabbing of Eden Atias from happening.


Aid agencies like Swedish SIDA should set up new criteria  for aid recipients and strategies to fight Antisemitism in UNRWA financed schools and those run by the PA. Today no such criteria exist. However it is crucial  that we implement this to save lives and bring up children who are ready for co-existence.


If we want to improve the health condition among Arab children in the PA and stop the killing of Jews I see no other way. It is time to stop aid from being used in wrong ways and not let the victims of hate die in vain.

About the Author
Tobias Petersson is a Swedish freelance writer who has focused on Israel and the MENA region. He came to Israel first in 2007 for a summer vacation and learned much. Soon after his return to Sweden he was suddenly aware of the anti-Israeli sentiments in his country and decided he wanted to change that. He has published articles about Israel in various Swedish and Israeli media to make the distance between Israel and Sweden less. Today Tobias is active in the Swedish pro-Israel network Perspektiv på Israel/Perspective on Israel.