Every Morning I Scream

Every morning I scream.

Every morning I look at the news and I scream.

I scream for humanity.

I scream for life.

I scream for love.

I scream for Istanbul and Jakarta and Burkina Faso.

I scream for Tikrit and Kabul and Homs.

I scream for Hebron and Jerusalem.

I scream for Jenin and Duma.

I scream and scream and scream and scream.

I scream until I feel the darkness closing in on me.

I scream as the darkness begins to pull me.

I scream as I fall, deeper and deeper.

I scream as the last stream of light twinkles through the darkness.

That last stream of light. I see it, clear and strong.

I see a video of my nephew’s hockey game and another stream of light

comes through.

I see a child on the bus turn around and stick out his tongue at me and

another stream comes through.

I see my friend collecting baby carriers for people in need half way

around the world.

I see a dog.

I see the real Kraft Mac and Cheese in the Tiv Tam and the light begins

to overtake the darkness.

The light begins to push forward against the darkness and I hear it.

I hear the laugh of a little child and the light pushes harder.

I hear some Bob Marley or Jerry Garcia,

I hear some Yoyo Ma or Yonder Mountain String Band.

I hear some Bob Dylan or Joan Baez and the light starts to take over.

The light moves faster and the darkness starts to falter.

I taste some Tullamore Dew or Jack Daniels and the darkness recedes.

I taste a good steak or some decent pizza.

I taste a nice cream sauce or some even some cheese wiz.

The brightness is overwhelming, only tendrils of darkness stubbornly

clinging to the wall of my soul.

I feel the sunshine on my face and a tendril falls.

I feel the warmth of my blanket and flannel sheets.

I feel my friend’s hug and the darkness withers.

One last lingering strand of darkness remains and so I read.

I read the news of the death of Dafna Meir.

One last lingering strand of light remains, stubbornly clinging to my soul.

About the Author
Michael Hilkowitz holds degrees in History and Secondary Education from Temple University and is a graduate of the Philadelphia High School for International Affairs. He is currently a Masters student in Security and Diplomacy Studies at Tel Aviv University. Living in Israel since 2012, he formerly served as the Chief Content Office for The Israel Innovation Fund, a 501.c.3 working to promote Israeli culture, art, and humanities innovation abroad.
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