“Evil prevails when good men fail to act”.


“Evil prevails when good men fail to act”.

(Edmund Burke 1729-1797)

Israel are warned by the UN that to fire rockets and shells into Gaza, in response to rockets being fired from Gaza by Hamas, would be a war crime and the Israeli government agree not to do so.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Iron Dome defence system fails. Thousands of rockets rain down on Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem etc. Tens of thousands of civilians are killed and injured including countless children. The tunnels under the border between Gaza and Israel go undetected and thousands of Hamas freedom fighters storm through them sweeping from kibbutz to kibbutz, village to village slaughtering all in their path indiscriminately.

Encouraged by the success of Hamas, Hezbollah, encamped in southern Lebanon, decide to join in and launch thousands of rockets into northern Israel, invade over the border from Lebanon and sweep down into Israel killing every Israeli Jew and Christian in their path and many thousands of Israeli Arabs as well, whom they consider to have been traitors for having lived happily as free democratic people in Israel.

Israel stands on the brink and then ISIS forces, who have been slaughtering Moslems, Christians and anyone else unwilling to bow down to their brand of Islam, decide to sweep through northern Syria into Lebanon, killing all Lebanese Christians en route and then link up with Hezbollah and Hamas and surge through into Egypt, freeing all the Moslem Brotherhood, and finally into Libya. And at last the Islamic Caliphate is established and Sharia is the law.

Total deaths;

Six million Jews (again):

Four Million Christians:

Two Million Moslems:

The free world stands by silent and wonders how long it will be before their own country will succumb. It was Edmund Burke in the 18th century who said “evil prevails when good men fail to act”.

On the other hand, Israel warn Hamas, whose Charter explicitly states that their aim is to wipe Israel of the map and kill all the Jews, that unless they stop sending rockets over into Israel indiscriminately, they will be forced to respond and, as the world knows, because Hamas are hiding behind the civilians, sadly it will not possibly to totally avoid civilian casualties. Nevertheless, Israel warns the Palestinians which areas they are going to aim for and suggests they move out. Hamas, from the safety of their tunnels and bunkers, tell their fellow Moslems, to stay put. Sadly, many children and innocent civilians are killed and injured. Sadly also, as always in the heat of battle, mistakes are made which compound the misery of the Palestinians and lead to even more deaths. However, of the 1800 people reported to have been killed, 900 were Hamas terrorists, a fact that seems to have conveniently ignored by the world’s media.

The world media goes manic. Israel massacre children! War crimes! Butchers!

The facts and the truth just go out the window. The more dead bodies of children the media can show the better. Why do they never show dead Hamas terrorists? Are they not emotive enough?

The liberal left ‘do-gooders’ go on the march. Boycott Israel! Ban Israeli academics. Free Palestine! Israeli murderers!

  • Countless thousands of Moslems are killed by Moslems in Libya and the world is silent.
  • Countless thousands of Moslems and Christians are slaughtered by Moslems in Iraq and the world is silent.
  • Countless Christians are slaughtered in Sudan and Nigeria by Boco Haram and the world is silent.
  • 170,000 Moslems are killed by Moslems in Syria and the world is silent.
  • 1800 Palestinians (of whom 900 are terrorists) are killed in Gaza and world is up in arms.

Do we detect double standards here? Dare I say the word? Anti-semitism. There, I’ve said it. But why? Why, as soon as Jews or the Jewish nation defends themselves does this ugly face of anti-semitism manifest itself? Maybe I can ask these liberal ‘do-gooders’ if they would examine their conscience and see what truly lies behind their reactions? Why weren’t they marching on the streets when hundreds of thousands of Moslems were being killed by Moslems? But when Jews cause the death of Moslems, whilst defending themselves, they are out in force like a pack of rabid hunting dogs.

Israel agrees to five cease fires for humanitarian reasons and Hamas breaks all five.

Israel sets up field hospitals on the Gaza border for the injured Palestinians and Hamas won’t let them be treated by Israelis.

Israel continues to allow huge amounts of humanitarian aid to pass through the border and continues to supply electricity where it can as well as emergency generators for the hospitals. Can you imagine the Allies sending food to the Germans during the Second World War?

But have you also noticed the silence of such countries as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, major players in the Middle East, who, whilst paying lip service in condemning Israel, are not demanding anything from Israel? In fact, the commentators on Egyptian TV are baying for the blood of Hamas and it is clear that they would be delighted if Israel would wipe them out.

So what of the future? Firstly, if anyone thinks that Israel will agree to the dropping the blockade so that Hamas can re-arm itself, you are deluded.

In 2005 when Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza, there was no boycott. There were open borders. Palestinians were coming into Israel daily for work. Gaza’s geographic situation on the shores of the Mediterranean gave it the opportunity to develop into a holiday resort for millions. And then Hamas came on the scene and ruined it all for the Palestinians by assassinating the defeated Fatah and diverting all the foreign aid into projects for attacking Israel rather than helping the population.

“Evil prevails when good men fail to act”.

The world has to come together and act, perhaps under the banner of the UN who sadly are pretty useless, and agree that Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boco Horan are terrorist organisations that have to be eliminated. There will never be any peace in the region whilst these terrorist and extremist organisations are allowed to exist. Only when this cancer is excised, can the countries in the region get together with joint projects for their mutual benefits and prosperity and the Palestinians will have their own state and live and thrive in peace with their neighbours. It is a dream and it can happen but only if the first step is taken to render powerless all those opposing this dream.

About the Author
Rodney Berkeley is a retired company director, a senior who has always taken an active part in Jewish communal projects in Manchester. An orthodox Jew, with daughter and her family living in Modi'in, he has been involved with promoting Israel for over 50 years.