The enemy within

Most Israelis think peace talks will fail, poll finds

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Livni lambastes Abass’s ‘unaceptable positions’

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Although I’m sure all parties to these talks are doing their level best to fashion some deal or other out of this latest US brokered peace initiative, the odds against a acceptable outcome, even if it were one of the most tentative and anodyne imaginable, now appear to be higher than ever.

So, let’s assume the worst and say that, three months down the line, nothing of any value is going to be salvaged from these discussions; there will be no tectonic shift in Israeli-Palestinian negotiating positions, no giving birth to any type of settlement despite a nine-month long gestation period and all those constant check-ups from midwife Kerry. Still there is no final delivery, nothing very much to show for so much intensive care and lots of phantom labour pains near to the end.

Perhaps, in conceiving this peace process and bringing it fully to term, provision should have been made for an ‘evil twin’ to take over in the event of a no-show by what was intended.This would be a far more viable and robust version of the original, a no-nonsense, full frontal assault on the very basis of this conflict, one for which some seven decades have so far failed to supply any answer worthy of note.

James Kirk's evil counterpart Star Trek : The Enemy Within

Nothing less will have the coercive force to turn the tables on so intractable and long established a situation; no power other than this is strong enough to prevail in such a contest, not after more than 66 years.

For ultimate salvation in this matter, the weak, irresolute fumblings of compromise and uncertainty cannot prevail. To be sure of final remedy, the response needed must come in a much more deliberate manner and be possessed of its own internal energy and a compulsion far greater than anything ever encountered before. 

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