Experiential Learning through Travel

Some people travel only so they can blow off some steam, party hard, and forget about their stressful lives. Essentially, it’s a way for them to escape reality for just a few days or weeks. However, there are also people who want more from travel, those who pursue a deep and authentic experience whenever they find themselves abroad. Instead of simply taking photos in front of famous monuments, your adventures should help you learn a lot about both the world and yourself. Here’s what you can learn by traveling.

Exploring the Culture

Instead of only going to major cities and visiting their most famous tourist attractions, you should learn more about the people and the culture of the country you’re in. By learning more about other cultures, you will have a new and more positive outlook on life. This is because you will get a chance to see how people raised in a different way view work, education, the environment, and most importantly family. You can then compare this information to your way of living will enhance your ability to analyze, question, and innovate. In fact, a report published by the British Council linked international experience to increased workplace innovation. However, in order to learn more about the culture of the place you’re in, you will need to befriend the locals.

Don’t just go to major cities, but visit small places as well. Whenever you go to a foreign country, it’s important to explore the country as much as possible. Having an international driver’s permit will really come in handy for this. The ability to drive a vehicle in a foreign country can totally transform a regular vacation into an adventure that you’ll never forget.

Communication Skills

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling solo or not, going to a foreign country will be a challenge for your communication skills. Nevertheless, in order to learn more about the local culture and find your way around town, you will have to strike up conversations with strangers. You should also search for new friends and try to build relationships while you’re there. All of this will gradually teach you how to become more charismatic as well as improve your confidence and body language.

Proper communication skills are essential for having a healthy social and professional life. Having them will make it easier for you to network at your job and build stronger relationships with your colleagues and clients.

Favoring Love and Curiosity over Material Things

Some people would rather spend their money on material stuff than travel. By exploring the world, you will learn to favor curiosity, love, and reverence over simple material things. This is very important, as it’ll increase your happiness. According to an article published by CNN, travel can make you happier. This is because going to new places makes you experience the pleasure of discovery. You have the chance to meet people who were raised differently and you get to taste the delicious local cuisine.

Travel is very educative since it constantly introduces you to new people and ideas. Just spending a few weeks away from your home and diving deep into a different culture can make you return with a completely different outlook on life. You will become more connected to people and understand what true values are.

In fact, exploring the world will define your individual set of values. By getting introduced to people of different backgrounds and finding out how they view life, you’ll start adopting new practices and perspectives that’ll help you develop a unique way of thinking. You’ll establish an individual set of values and find your place in the world. More than anything, travel will teach you how to be a better version of yourself.

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Rachel Brenner is a Professor of Jewish Studies. Her research focuses on Jewish Literature and has published dozens of scholarly articles and book chapters.
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