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"Art is but a moment of happiness, it is like a lightning of bliss cleaving the never-ending horrors of our world."

Explaining Israel to a European friend

Dear friend, I’ve been so taken up with doctors, etc., that I don’t even have the time to write poetry, but in spite of all and in spite of my tiredness I don’t regret having come here.

Many of the things you hear in Europe are lies, I now have a number of elements to prove it.  The Palestinian regimes never wanted to live alongside a Jewish state, they want the whole of Israel to themselves; this is unacceptable, so I don’t believe there will ever be peace with a government that teaches their children to throw the Jews to the sea or to kill them, and who, what’s more, despises Infidels in general, ie. Christians and the other non-Muslim minorities!!!

The way Europe behaves with the Christians in the Middle East, who are being chased away and slaughtered is shameful: they are the ones who should have been invited to immigrate to Europe.  Isn’t it strange that none of the rich Arab nations wishes to receive those Muslim refugees who are suffering so much, by the fault of their own cruel and ruthless governments?  Then too, why have these same nations rejected or despised the so-called Palestinian refugees for decades?  The only country where Christians thrive and where they are protected in this region, as well as all the other minorities, is … Israel!!!

Of course there is discrimination here too, but far less than in France.  What do you do when a Somali refugee arrives here for the first time, who has never known what a toilet is or what electricity is, and who throws the rest of his food in the street?  There is no easy answer to that question.  But the second generation of refugees are often treated as fairly as any other Israelis.  I see that happening every day in Tel Aviv.  Again, there are all kinds of people here, and at first, they prefer not to frequent each other.  Isn’t that true in every continent?  This being said, racism of any kind is abhorrent and must not be tolerated.

People in Europe and elsewhere should demonstrate against all the horrors Muslims are committing – first to their own people!  Instead, they keep demonizing Israel, ‘inventing’ apartheid days, among other inane pretexts.   Having lived in South Africa, I can confirm that they don’t know the meaning of the word apartheid, or else they are in bad faith.

I have visited the West Bank on a peace mission a few years back, with Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, etc. – I don’t think I ever told you this before – and that it has turned into a ‘prison’, is another lie.  They have modern buildings, go shopping peacefully with their families, and seem to lead a ‘quasi’ normal life.  Blame their regimes, not Israel for the present situation.  After all, they were occupied because the Arabs started all these wars, never Israel!!!  Remember the Baltic states, former Yugoslavia, and all the other countries in Europe, being dismembered after the wars?  Germany cut in two for decades!  Poland having changed size over the centuries!

Israel could teach Europe, especially France, much about civility, kindness, freedom, conviviality among mixed cultures, races and religions, and about humanitarian deeds.

It will be the last time I shall tackle this subject with you since you did demonstrate with Palestinians on several occasions, shouting, “Death to Israel, death to the Jews” – out of sheer ignorance and because you heeded the propaganda being spread among the leftist media – the so-called ‘gauche caviar’.  They often show ‘dead’ Palestinian children on TV and you believe most of it, when many of these images are ‘staged’, in order to provoke emotional reactions.  And they succeed in twisting the truth, and in bringing tears to your eyes.

Yes Gaza was bombarded and, yes, thousands of innocent people were killed.  Unlike their enemies, Israelis are NEVER happy or proud of killing people.  They don’t go and dance in the streets, distributing candies like the Palestinians, every time a Jew is murdered by a terrorist who then is treated like a hero.  The same merriment could be observed when the Manhattan Twin Towers were so savagely destroyed by well educated (mostly) Saudi terrorists.

Why did Israel retaliate in 2014?   Because after the Israelis ‘undid’ all the Jewish ‘colonies’, manu militari, thinking there would be peace with Gaza, the Hamas, that terrorist regime which controls the land, responded by sending thousands of rockets into Israel, from schools, hospitals, and even mosques, wounding thousands of civilians and killing many.  Nice way to be thankful!!  And, yes, it is correct, Israel responded ‘disproportionately’, aiming at those places whence the rockets came.

Those regimes prefer to expose their population and to make of them ‘martyrs’ – the terrorists are acclaimed there, since, when they die they supposedly fly directly to ‘heaven’, where 72 virgins are waiting for them.  Nice example of civilization indeed, especially for their women, treated as servants or slaves!!!  As for the homosexuals, they are hanged or beheaded.  Palestinian homosexuals, when they have the opportunity to escape, come to Israel in order to find a haven.  Not long ago an important political figure was shot dead in Gaza once they knew he was a homosexual.

Something a British Major (a Christian) said on television not long ago about the Israeli army is very true.  It is the most humane army in the world.  Where else does the army send leaflets to the Palestinian population telling them to evacuate their homes from where rockets have been launched, so that they don’t get hurt, where else?  Nowhere!!!

These links will show you in a simple way what this region is all about:

1. “Nous sommes les Arabes. Nous occupons la terre des juifs. Cette terre est juive. C’a restera juif pour toujours. J’étais musulmane. Ils m’ont appris à haïr Israël et le peuple juif. Il n’y a pas de Palestine. C’est un mensonge. Ils utilisent la Palestine juste comme prétexte pour tuer le peuple juif. Juste pour détester les juifs. Ils m’ont appris qu’il fallait ‘purifier’ la mosquée al-Aqsa des répugnants juifs’. Les Palestiniens sont des menteurs.”

2. When a pro-Israel Christian and young Muslim Muhhamad Zombi meet up


4. Europe, a civilization destroyed


Yes, dear friend, I am furious against Europe’s hypocrisy and lies after WWII, especially since I have learned so much over here.  Now Europe will suffer from the Muslims what it did to the Jews for 2000 years.  I think that Angela Merkel’s policy of letting in one million (mostly) Syrian refugees is irresponsible, for it will trigger a civil war in Germany.  France is no better off, it has been gangrened for the last fifty years, because of how the governments and the media lied to the population.  Have I ever told you that the son of a cousin of mine and his wife were attacked by a bunch of Arab youths and that they went to court, winning the case?  That my best Christian friend was also attacked entering his home in the suburbs by three young Arabs with a ‘metal fist’?

I think, dear friend, that you live in a bubble, it is more comfortable, I suppose, but when your own people and best friend get hit and wounded for no reason at all, one sees the country with different eyes.  That Christian friend and I often used to go to small theaters – a sort of Parisian off-Broadway – in the 18th, 19th and 20th arrondissements, but almost every time we returned by metro, there was an ugly incident happening around us, always initiated by Arab youth.  So we stopped going to these interesting little theaters!  Oh, in France you must never use the word ‘Arab’, or ‘Muslim’, lest you be treated as a racist.  Those who commit such nasty incidents ARE the real racists.

My Muslim women writer acquaintances dared say on television that the Koran was their worst enemy, consequently, they cannot return to their countries of origin, lest they be thrown into jail, or worse, killed.  I have met a number of wonderful, open-minded Arab intellectuals, but they too are forced to live in exile, for the same reasons.

And yes, Israel will defend itself tooth and nail, for it never starts the wars, it is ALWAYS the Palestinians and the surrounding Arab countries who do!  And I approve of Israel’s very strong and harsh retaliations.  Most of the time the Palestinian regimes respond to kindness with violence.  Like many fundamentalists, they have the culture of death and of destruction, while Israel, not an angel by any means, has the culture of life, progress, and scientific innovations for the good of the world.

Europe has missed the train, it should consider Israel an ally, but the word antisemitism has been written in its DNA for over 2000 years, and this won’t change soon, even though they now find themselves under a state of siege, a state which will last for generations.  And this saddens me, for the same may soon be happening in certain parts of North and South America.  Thank goodness that huge states like India and China, which will lead the world in less than a decade, as well as the righteous millions of all faiths, including Muslims, admire and wish to collaborate with Israel.

If Israel doesn’t defend itself and if it listens to the UN (with 57 Muslim countries, most of which are terribly backward and often apply the horrible shariah law), or even Europe, there would be another Holocaust, for Europe has proven to be the most treacherous of all continents!

I’m telling you all of this, dear X, not to change your mind, you choose what you wish to believe, but because we have been bonded for so many years and, in spite of all, we are still friends.

You won’t be surprised to know that Israel, being far freer than any of the European countries, nowadays has some Jews who are … as noxious as antisemites, and it is also these few people who contribute to spread the lies to the outside world.  Démocratie oblige!  ‘On se demande ce qu’ils font ici’!  The same applies to a number of Jews living in the diaspora.

Now, let me offer you these flowers and fruits.  The products of this once desert land are wonderful, so is the food.  You will also be happy to know that this is the best place in the world for cats.  They are free – stray cats – and get their daily food on the porch of many houses.  They belong to nobody but to themselves and never fear people.  Actually you see quite a few old ladies handing food to them in the parks, and they all look in good shape.  I know an acquaintance who found a wounded cat in the street and spent thousands of shekels at the vet’s to cure it.  The cat got well and would come every day and thank the lady at her door, but it prefers to remain free.  Yes, I’ve stroked several of them with my elbows – not my hands, since I am allergic – and we have conversations together.  The same goes for dogs.  Here cats and dogs behave, another strangeness I have never seen elsewhere, they just look at each other as if to say, “ok, now go your way, and I’ll go mine!”  This is a very exceptional nation, and no, it isn’t like any other nation, in spite of all its difficulties and the fact that it is surrounded by regimes which menace it regularly of destruction!!!   Another country would declare war to them immediately!!!

Be well dear, and for once, do read my links, for I have spent a very long time writing to you this message, the last one of its kind.  You can even show this to your companion, even if he doesn’t believe them.  Here are photos I took, I especially like the one with youths talking about Peace.


And for your friends who only speak French, kindly send them my new essay, in response to the lies of the French press. Thank you

Le 16 avril 2017 – un jour de la Pâque juive, Pesah, et de Pâques chrétiennes, en Terre Sainte, et plus précisément, en Israël.

INANITÉS TROUVÉES SUR UN SITE FRANÇAIS lorsque j’accède à mes courriels.
Le Saint-Sépulcre se trouve à Jérusalem-Est, dans la Vieille ville, occupée et annexée par Israël.  Les chrétiens représentaient plus de 18% de la population de Terre sainte lors de la création de l’Etat d’Israël en 1948, mais ils sont désormais moins de 2%, pour la plupart orthodoxes.”

VOILÀ COMMENT ON PARLE D’ISRAËL EN FRANCE, alors que c’est ce minuscule pays qui a toujours été attaqué et qui, à l’ébahissement des pays arabes – mais aussi des autres pays musulmans comme l’Iran, ou le Pakistan -, lesquels veulent encore et toujours le détruire, a gagné ces guerres.

NON, JOURNALEUX DE FRANCE ET D’AILLEURS EN EUROPE, comme dans toutes les guerres depuis les temps immémoriaux, celui qui est attaqué et qui gagne un conflit acquiert du territoire, IL NE L’OCCUPE PAS, CE LOPIN DE TERRE LUI REVIENT DE PLEIN DROIT.  VOUS ÊTES D’UNE MAUVAISE FOI A FAIRE VOMIR, ET ANTISÉMITES, qui plus est, ne le niez plus, il n’y a pas d’autres mots pour vous qualifier, tellement vos mensonges sont énormes!

Le seul pays au Moyen-Orient où les Chrétiens prospèrent est Israël.  D’après vous, RSS – Reporters Sans Scrupules -, ce sont encore les Israéliens qui massacrent les milliers de Chrétiens au M.O. et les Coptes en Egypte?

Je connais bien la Maison de la Radio à Paris pour y avoir été quelques fois invité à parler de mes livres africains, et je sais que cette Maison, qui compte des Français musulmans très influents, déblatère contre Israël sans arrêt. Mais vous les Français, et vous les Européens non-musulmans, qui êtes passés sans même vous apercevoir par une énorme machine à laver le cerveau, ne voyez-vous pas que l’Europe se dirige vers un islamisme guerrier qui vous paralysera pendant des générations et qui détruira toutes vos libertés?  Hypocrites, vous serez les grands perdants dans cette tragique histoire, et vous verrez les guerres civiles éclater sur toute une partie du territoire européen. Ce n’est certainement pas moi qui vous demanderai de ne plus faire la sourde oreille!

Vous êtes entrés dans un tunnel qui débouchera sur un espace où règnent l’injustice et l’horreur. Comme au Musée Grévin, mais il ne s’agira plus de personnages de cire, et vous n’en rirez pas.


A propos de liberté d’expression, moi qui ai vécu sur trois autres continents, celui-ci étant le quatrième, j’ai passé la moitié de ma vie à Paris, je l’ai vu dégringoler à grande vitesse, aussi bien en France que dans d’autres pays européens, y compris en Belgique, dont je suis un citoyen.

La nouvelle génération d’Israéliens a beaucoup à vous enseigner en ce qui concerne la vraie démocratie, malgré toutes ses difficultés, vous qui n’en avez gardé que des restes qui s’amenuisent de mois en mois, avec vos médias si ‘politiquement corrects’, vos mensonges éhontés, votre double langage et votre peur de ne pas quitter le troupeau. Pauvres cloches!

Eh oui, Israël est maintenant apprécié des premières grandes puissances à venir, dont l’Inde et la Chine, ainsi que des pays d’Afrique noire, et de la plupart des pays non-musulmans, à l’exception de l’Europe, continent où les pires atrocités du monde ont été commises.

Vos ordres, donnez-les à vos animaux de compagnie, mais de grâce ne les maltraitez pas comme vous avez maltraité les juifs pendant plus de 2000 ans, et que vous continuez de maltraiter, avec le soutien des Islamistes européens, dont vous avez une PEUR bleue!

Voici ce que je lis sur Dreuz, site chrétien favorable à Israël – Oh j’entends  déjà cette ‘gauche caviar’ parisienne beugler: “ils sont de droite, voire d’extrême droite”. Vous, les pseudo-intellectuels de gauche et de la gauche-extrême, sachez que la vérité peut sortir même de bouches contaminées, aussi contaminées que les vôtres!  Oui, il vous arrive à vous, parfois aussi de dire des vérités, lorsque vous vous rendez compte à quel point vous seriez ridiculisés si vous faisiez le contraire.

Chrétiens d’Orient et d’Occident, il vous faut une armée ou vous disparaîtrez


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