Eyal Golan: Roman Polanski Is Calling You

Israel’s most famous entertainer, Eyal Golan, the “Rising Star” judge is under house arrest surrounding allegations of sex with underage girls, drugs and more with an entourage which included his father. Keshet has suspended Golan’s participation in “Rising Star”, they are also halting production on Golan’s own competition show, Eyal Golan Is Calling You. He is a mega-star in Israel.

Newspapers, TV and all media outlets are dominated by this story, and clearly Eyal Golan is already guilty in the court of public opinion.  There’s no one in Israel not commenting on the story – and the twitter universe is ablaze with comments.

Some of my favorite tweets (translated from Hebrew) over the weekend surrounding this story:

“Eyal Golan: Roman Polanski Is Calling You”

“My neighbors are blasting Eyal Golan’s songs at full volume. I hope it isn’t a moral or political statement.”

“Eyal Golan’s problem is not not knowing how old they are, but he forgot how old he is”

“Eyal Golan is a rapist. Those are the only sounds from him my ears will hear.”

“Since this Eyal Golan story broke, every song of his I hear I imagine him singing it to a 15 year old girl.”

“What is really sad is that in our country yesterday a 19-year old child soldier was killed by a terrorist and all anyone in the country will speak about is Eyal Golan.”

“If Eyal Golan is calling you, math class can wait.”

“Anyone who protects Eyal Golan is sub-human.”

“Not only Eyal Golan needs to do some soul-searching. All the TV networks in Israel following this embarrassing culture.”

“Why do people still continue to love Eyal Golan?”

“The whole story with Eyal Golan makes me sick. As a father of two girls I am furious and as a man I despise him.”

“What does it matter if she was 15 or 16 years old or even 17 what does it matter  … man of forties should be with young girls? Law underage designed to stop villains # Eyal Golan”

“According to Eyal Golan: Love has no age”

“Dear Eyal Golan: We know it’s all just lies made up about you. Be strong. Grade 7, Tel Aviv Herziliah School”

“Even the gas station attendant is talking about Eyal Golan.”

“Eyal Golan did not know they were underage.  He is “righteous” – no drugs, not a pump.  And there are unicorns now in Tel Aviv.” #LIAR

“Eyal Golan’s version is an unfortunate statement. He attempts to escape horrible acts through a dubious argument.”

“Lesson of Eyal Golan saga: Hug your children, talk to them and care for them. Build walls of love, values and responsibility around our children.”

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