Facebook Is Not A Congenial South African Kindergarten But An Incubator For Israel Hate-Thought

Africa is plundered by Africans and the corrupt and voracious political gourmands  of other continents. Not by Israel!israel lie

A South African Facebook friend shared this image which portrays  Israel “dining” with the UK, America and France as consumers of Africa.

The image  is typical of the current pandemic of acolyte hear-sayers and knee-jerk propagators of disinformation and hate-thought about Israel.

A slice of meat in the shape of the African continent is located at the centre of the image,  surrounded by flags-on-plates representing  America, France, the UK and…Israel, perched  to consume the African meat-slice.

Absent, in the mind of the receded artist, is China.

China is the protagonist in Africa. China has brought to our continent its populous and gourmand appetites for raw African materials.

“For China, Africa represents a growing source of raw materials –most importantly crude oil, iron ore/concentrates, and copper– which have helped fuel China’s rapid infrastructure development. For Africa, China represents a major trading partner and investor that provides it with cheap consumer products, buys its natural resources, and helps build its infrastructure.”

USITC  Executive Briefings on Trade, April 2013.

The artist of the image is unfortunately absent. The “seating arrangement” locates Israel at the “top” of the setting.

Do good  South African people  on Facebook actually think about or question the veracity of what they are looking at or LIKE”-ing , as in this instance of a subtle and slippery lie by conflation? In South African vernacular we have an apropos, onomatopoeic term for this level of deception of the mind : we call it  “kak”. 

Another example of South African ignorance  prior to contempt occurred at Christmas. A “bds cartoon” did the rounds showing Mary’s / Jesus’s entry to Bethlehem being delayed by the actions of Israeli soldiers! This too was a cynical  inaccuracy and contrary to what was shown and written on line and in the news  – that Christians and others had celebrated Christmas in Bethlehem as they wished to and needed to.

bds cartoon

When I questioned a South African “Facebook friend” about her “LIKE”-ing this cartoon she replied that she had not realised that she’d “LIKE”-d it. She, an intelligent and thinking visual artist.

These examples are symptomatic of the agglomerated and unquestioned bandying, and negative heaping on Israel, which occupy, colonise and have overrun the minds of some South African good people.

In these days of pandemic and raw Jew-hatred, as a South African and as a Jew and a Zionist, I offer a request to those good people who would otherwise not consciously investigate nor question. Please understand what you are actually “LIKE”-ing. You playfully enter the game of complicity with the apparently innocuous but contemptuous lies about Israel’s identity – the relentless and sadistic outpouring by confused and hateful people!

To South Africans who may read this: in the interest of our commitment towards an African communal sanity, please  try for more factual honesty and reject the ridiculous lies. Please allow the mind a more balanced view of Israel. And of Africa’s problems, please verify the true material colonisers of our African continent before “SHARE”-ing nonsense on Facebook.

About the Author
Beverley Price grew up in apartheid SA, lived in Baka, Jerusalem studied in London, is a jewellery artist interested in the pre-colonial South African goldsmiths at Mapungubwe (900-1300 ACE). She lived for three years in rural KwaZulu-Natal (Ixopo ) after her return to SA in 1995 where she had her studio and learned to speak Zulu and more about the Zulu culture. As with many South African Jews, her mother is Polish and her late father was Lithuanian. She loves her sister-in-law, brothers, nephews, nieces and their children. She studied at Pardes in Jerusalem from 1983-1985.
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