Facebook or Falsebook

In democratic societies criticism is respected in print and media publications. Zuckerberg’s Facebook does not adhere to the rules of freedom of the press nor freedom of expression.

In response to one of Facebook’s news reports today, in the comment section I wrote a brief reply. It was erased. I wrote a second reply. It too was erased. I wrote a third comment and…. You guessed it…. It was also erased.

No space was permitted to me to express my feelings in the case of the Knesset’s vote to protest the protests on Balfour street.

The very essence of a democratic country is to allow its citizens to express their feelings openly without any violence in the wordage. Anti-government protests must be allowed in any democracy.

Facebook may be an exception to the rule of decency and democracy as it is international and not bound by Israeli bondage.

We are now living no longer in a democratic country. Those who think so are misled or malaligned.

Our prime minister has long been an autocrat and has now descended to the level of a dictator.

No longer should he be greeted with a Hebrew shalom but rather with the words of “lech habayta”– go home!

He is surrounded by an “army” of loyal fiends who would strip democracy as a word in our Basic Law all in the effort to hold on to their Knesset seats. They have become a parliament of puppets following the puppet-master just as he, in turn, follows the puppet-lady, his horrible wife, who pulls his every string.

We as a people are deserving of a more honorable leader. Instead we are prisoners of a corrupt indicted criminal prime minister who will do everything to delay his trial in the name of the corona dangers.

But our judges know his tricks too well and they will find no reason to delay or postpone his remaining days standing in the court of law.

The case against Netanyahu is perfectly clear. Witnesses who know him and who worked with him are able and willing to testify to what they saw, heard and did while in his employ.

The press knows the facts and nothing he can do to prevent them from publishing will be successful.

Unlike Facebook (Falsebook), our daily press reveals facts which are supported by evidence

Bezeq cannot help him. Yediot will not help him. The citizens of Israel who disrespect him will believe everything they can read about him. The three charges against him might grow into four.

Protests against him must be allowed to continue, even if the numbers must be reduced for health measures in the danger of infection from the corona virus.

But Israelis are brave and are willing to take health risks in the name of a dying democracy in order to remove an egotistic liar and to restore our previous great democratic sense of government.

Sara can be happy in her Caesarea home. Yair can be free to trek to the Tel-Aviv pubs in search of a piece of ass. Avner can be free to be seen in public without shame. And the three of them can take turns visiting abba on prison visiting days.

Only when he is locked up can our dying democracy be resurrected from its political grave. Only when the Israeli dictator is forced out of his office can we breathe fresh clean pure democratic Jewish air in our. free State of Israel

Then once again we may respond by our comments without fear of censorship.

No more Facebook or (Falsebook) to hinder our free opinions.

A democratic Israel will guarantee our freedom.

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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