Fall-Back Position


Does Israel have a final fall-back position and, if so, what is it?

What I mean is this. If the worst ever comes to the worst and Israelis are faced with total annihilation or a military defeat so devastating that not even the slightest possible hope for any Israeli future could then be entertained, what might their next move be and how would it go down?

Only the ‘Samson Option’ may be all that remains  – which would leave behind a radioactive wasteland spread across much of the region and many more places beyond.

In order to avoid so irretrievable a circumstance, it might be advisable to install some means of determining the outcome other than by way of a nuclear winter engulfing the entire Middle East, North, West and South.

There must always be a choice of solutions open to even the most intractable of situations. Desperate measures need not always lead to total disaster; sometimes they can work out far better than expected.


Which of these two shapes should be the preferred option? They both accomplish much the same result but one of them does appear rather too graphic for comfort. (note: it’s not the one with the graph)  Exponential curve


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