Fear not

In this week’s parsha Moshe gives the Jewish people words of comfort designated for when they are to go out to war. Specifically Moshe focuses on how the Jewish people shouldn’t be afraid because GOD will be with them to fight with them (see Devarim 20:1-8). In fact, it is Devarim 20:4 that “ GOD will walk with you and help you fight against your enemies and save you” which is recited by many every Shabbat as part of the prayer said for the welfare of the Israeli defense forces

Earlier this week GOD blessed me to have the special merit (zchut) of returning home to the land of Eretz Yisrael or making Aliya. While I know that I may encounter a variety of challenges and tests I may need to face in the future, I know as Moshe reassures the Jewish people, that GOD will help me every step of the way Lemashal (in the way of a parable) like footprints next to mine in the sand (anyway remember that famous Mary Stevenson poem?). May GOD help guard all of us against every obstacle we may encounter now and for the rest of our lives and beyond!

May Moschiach come soon,

Good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom, Gut Shabbes- Gidon Herschander Elul 5775, Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh

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Gidon Herschander made aliyah in August 2015 and currently lives in Jerusalem Israel. He loves Torah, living in Israel, engaging and posting via social media, and blogging about Aliyah, Life In Israel, Torah, Being young and a variety of other topics
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