Federica Mogherini’s dreams

Lady Ashton, the former Lady PESC, European Union’s foreign policy chief, demonstrated, in various occasions, her characteristic and persistent use of a double standard against Israel, almost a kind of obsession, which hasn’t been so blatantly exposed in her sadly famous remarks equating the terrible attack to the Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse, France, in March 2012, to the IDF operations in Gaza.

Her speech was strongly condemned by Israeli Foreign Ministry, Avigdor Lieberman, calling it inappropriate, hoping she will retract her statement.

Whatever course of action and its took, one thing was clear: they must pressure the EU to start considering a more balanced alternative to Ashton… So, the nomination of Federica Mogherini, former Italian Foreign Ministry and, from the first of November, new Lady PESC, has been seen as a new course, a fresh air breath.

Unfortunately, she is not.

She comes from the “political school” of Massimo D’Alema, historical leader of the Italian left, so called “Lider Maximo” (aping Fidel Castro). He has been Italian Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, he has always supported the Palestinian policies and third worldist positions. He, himself, was a candidate for the major European charge, but he was undermined due to an embarrassing photo, in 2009, under the arm with the deputy of Hezbollah, Hussein Hajj Hassan, while wandering the streets of Beirut, Lebanon, bombed at that time by Israel.d'alema

Federica Mogherini has escaped from an identical fate, shortly after the launch of the Renzi government, it began circulating on the web a picture of her next to the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, probably dating back to the years of the Second Intifada, when she worked for the foreign department of the Italian left party (DS).Immagine-31

She followed, at the time, a strict observance of D’Alema political conduct, she was a pro-Arab and third wordlist, deriving her position from the PCI (Communist Party) traditions.

In her new prestigious position, Mogherini went, as her first official trip, to Israel and to Palestinian terriories. In those days of visit, I have read on the Israeli newspapers enthusiastic and hopeful expectations, but her first words left no doubt about her political beliefs.

The desire for the creation of a Palestinian State within the five years of her term, announcing that the EU intends to play a more influential role in the Middle East than in the past, wishing to unite all the 28 State Members under this common belief, is, on my personal opinion, a threat.

A situation where Europe (after Uk and Sweden, Italy is preparing) recognizes a Palestinian State that doesn’t accept Israel as a Jewish State and doesn’t honour Israel’s security interests deserve a critic as totally unilateral and even dangerous for the peace process.

Federica Mogherini, speaking (and condemning) the construction of new homes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, repeats and repeats without any fantasy, the “clichés” of the international politically correct, that Italian left party likes very much. A distinction between Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel, since 1980, and the West Bank, which is subject to negotiation must be done!

So the question is: do we need a grey EU officer repeating the usual phrases and speaking of unrealistic dreams or do we need a politician able to innovate, to make proposals capable of modifying situations?

About the Author
Francesca D'Esposito is an Italian project manager working for National Research Council ( and she is in love with Israel and its people.